DHS Hurricane Long 3

DHS Hurricane Long 3 Blade
Approx. $ 200 USD
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Speed 9.4
Control 9.4
Stiffness 5.3   
Hardness 6.1   
Medium hard
Consistency 9.7   
Always identical
Overall 9.6 10
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The blade everyone is looking for, and it is used by world champion Ma Long! It is a 7-ply blade, producing greater power and steady handling. Construction quality is top notch by DHS. Blade has a large sweet spot that might just be the secret why Ma Long's loop is fast and furious! Each blade comes with its own certificate with serial number.

Reviews (16)

DigitalGrounder  on 1/4/2015

On the blade I'm using double happiness hurricane 3 neo on my forehand and yasaka Mark V on my back hand. When I was first hitting with the blade i noticed the ball bounced off my racket quite easily, and the blade had a very very very large sweet spot. Now the blade retails for around 200 USD. Now is it worth it? Let's find out. Spin -serves, pushes, loops, counterloops, topspin drives, counter drives, smashes, blocks: every aspect of what you want to do to the ball, it will develop a tremendous amount of spin. Looping - wonderful! Absolutely wonderful! Looping with this blade is effortless, I can loop under spin with no problems at all. Backhand and forehand side. Looping is awesome with this racket. Drives -again amazing, giving your opponent drives with this blade is like performing the power of ma long. Absolutely perfect. Touch shots - Even though this blade is marketed for an off++ blade, it's touch shots is still great, pushes give lots of spin, and blocks are effective as well. Control - perfect, whatever you want to do with the blade, it will do it. You want to push, it'll do it. You want to loop it'll do it. You want to topspin drive it'll do it. Whatever you want to do, it'll let you do it. Speed - this is where the blade shines, basically in a nutshell; you're able to give the power of ma long to your opponent. Blade is pretty damn fast. Conclusion So is this blade worth the price? Certainly most definitely, touch shots are great, speed is amazing, control is great, and spin is awesome. I definitely recommend this blade, it's absolute fire.
ControlledSpin  on 11/19/2017

This is an outstanding 7 ply wood blade and one of the best offensive wood blades that you can buy. It's very well balanced with enough speed and excellent control and feel. I would put the speed rating in the Off-/Off range which is plenty fast for me. My blade is 6.4mm thick which I think is perfect to allow great blocks and hits while still being flexible enough to also be great at looping. Some 7 ply wood blades in the 6.7-7.0mm range, while great at blocking and hitting, are just too stiff for my looping focused game. Thinner wood blades in the 5.8-6.0mm range loop like a dream but their blocking and hitting accuracy leave something to be desired. This blade can do it all, and do it all well. If you prefer the feel and sensation of a wood blade vs a composite blade but want a blade that can perform as well as the best ALC blades, look no further. Highly recommended.
geomil09  on 3/26/2016

For the last 4 years I played with Butterfly Innerforce ZLC blade, using BF Tenergy 05 on fh and BF Tenergy 05fx on bh. Few months ago I purchased Long 3 and used it with the same rubbers. It was too bouncy in the beginning and more powerful then ZLC. I lack control in close game and I left it in the bag and used it at practice sessions as the spare bat, occasionally. However, with the recent switch to the plastic balls I found ZLC to lack power. I tried Long 3 and never looked back. For some reason Long 3 just suits the game with plastic balls much better. In our club we use HSF seamless balls, which are very good by the way. Long 3 is great blade when you master it. I've been playing with it for the last 2 months. Control is very good, due to limba out layer. Actually it is very similar composition to Innerforce ZLC. Both blades are 7 ply blades made of limba and ayous wood. The main difference is zylon carbon layers in ZLC and Long 3 being all wood blade. It is great for hitting and playing away from the table. Touch game needs practice but once it's mastered is very good too. There is no vibration, blocking is easy and loops are as good as your technique allows it. So if you are looking for more powerful but still controllable blade and you are coming from limba/ayoys blades (like Innerforce ZLC, Petr Korbel, Primorac and even Mizutani Jun or Maze) it will be easy up-grade for you. Enjoy it.
mhdkni  on 11/6/2014

This is a good blade. Compared to my previous one which was a DHS Hurricane Long I with DHS Neohurricane III max rubbers for both sides, It is obviously slower, with much better control. The weight is almost the same. Perhaps this one is a little lighter but I am not sure. The sense is good enough and the handle is relly great! I love it very much. Nearly as I love the hurricane Long I. I cannot sense any difference in the ball's speed and spin when the ball is hitting the centre of the blade compared to the strikes away from the centre point and it means good control for me. However, to get enough speed as I had with my Long I, I think I have to change my rubbers to get more speedy ones. If anyone uses this blade, I suggest European rubbers with good speed and spin like Cornilleau Target force or Cornilleau Taget Sound, rather than the Chinese ones like DHS Series. If you want to use Chinese rubbers, get the hurricane long I which is obviously faster and more stiff to compensate for the effect of tackiness and slowness of your rubbers. In terms of balance between the handle and the face, Hurricane Long III must be one of the bests. Its effect is mostly bold to me when I use back-Hand loops repeatedly. It really helps at relieving my wrist pressure and gives me good precision. As a single-sentence-description I can say It has good speed, really good control, excellent balance, good sensation, normal weight and very beautiful and lovely handle.
Konjekture  2 weeks ago

86 Grams, Flared, avg 1900 US Player FH DHS TG Skyline TGII (2.15) / BH Nittaku FastArc G-1(2.0) Great Touch and Infinite Spin along with phenomenal speed with huge unbelievable sweet spot, bounce tested on bare blade, it bounced 90% of the bounce of the core, even composites struggle with that. Absolutely wild in all aspects, there are no downfalls when doing a traditional chinese table tennis style. Wide wing loops, open arm and you name it are powerful, well placeable and mind boggling spin with UNBOOSTED $20 chinese rubbers where 2500 players will struggle with blocking. The FastArc g-1 plays well on backhand with easy opening loops (crazy spin that will make the player safely block and struggle to control the ball) , easy touch with drop shots on peoples spinny loops, phenomenal touch. Excellent feeling, good vibrations, not too much, not too little. Can be a balloon shooter and a laser in two consecutive shots, crazy control on all attacks. Beautiful blade and handle. WORTH THE MONEY, especially when on sale at $130 on TT 11. If you are an all round player who wants to increase speed with the control of an acoustic, spend that money on HL3 instead and you can be an animal on the table, and 3 m off the table too. Final Note: It is a split core blade is kind of weak at the neck, if you hit your racket with your hand or leg is a NO-No with this blade, be nice too it and it'll treat you right, one bad playing day can make it worse for you if you have any self criticism anger. I regret being a little rough with it and now its a $180 mouse pad. Get it, you wont regret it if you are less aggressive with your self criticism in the game unlike myself. Now onto the HL2 and will provide comparison later.

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