DHS Hurricane Long 5

DHS Hurricane Long 5 Blade
Approx. $ 190 USD
Price $

User Ratings (60)

Speed 9.7
Control 9.3
Stiffness 5.3   
Hardness 6.4   
Medium hard
Consistency 9.4   
Always identical
Overall 9.6 10
Manufacturer Details
Weight 92
Plies 5
Materials Aromatic carbon [aromatic carbon / Kevlar Carbon]
Thickness 5.7mm
There are 20 users using the DHS Hurricane Long 5.

Reviews (27)

adi1024  on 11/28/2015

I m using this blade with Nittaku Fastarc G-1 on FH and tibhar 5Q+ (power update) on BH.... And this blade is truly bringing out great spin/speed potential of both these rubbers.... It is fast but has excellent control in blocks, pushes.... Appropriate amount of flexibility and stiffness makes strokes over the table and away easy to execute.... Power is unleashed when you hit hard .... You can enjoy touch play and pushes at extreme angles..... Excellent for looping/driving .... I m even able to hit good B/H topspins/counter from mid/far..... Moreover, it has a thin handle that very well suits my small palm size Compared to my previous choice (carbonado 190), this blade is not overly stiff, which helps in over the table B/H loops/flicks, but stiff enough for good blocking..... Also, it is not a low throw blde unlike carbonado 190, so ball clears the net safely The carbon layer in the blade is not close to the surface, and hence control in soft touches, blocks, pushes is always maintained..... power is unleashed when you drive through the ball Highly recommended for ppl who attack more and use block defence in between to maintain the rally and then again go for attacking strokes !!
kujack87  on 8/28/2017

I'm using goldarc 8 (50 hardness) both sides and it worked really well with this blade. A little ajustments with my forehand side coz the dwell time is much higher than my backhand. You can create strong spin with these rubbers and looping is so lovely. Zoom zzzzoom!!! You can do whatever you want, blocking, pushing, flicking, top spinning and counter top/ loop and opening up easily. All you need to do is improve your technique to get the full potential of the blade. Enjoy!!!
Konjekture  8 months ago

Fast, hard and direct. Very spinny with full stroke. Great pushing, dwell is decent and very soft touch, muted but still feel the appropriate vibrations. Great on blocking actively or passively. Great for FH wing players mainly. BH spin and power are limited because it requires absolute full strokes (only good for active blocking or flat hitting). Requires a confident follow through on every shot, no indecision because it will hurt you because it plays the way you direct it. It is a strong, gnarly and thrashing wolf that you have to hold by the ears to make it work for you. Otherwise, it'll bring you down. Only recommend for 2200+ players in the USATT rating. Works well with both types of rubber, even some tensors require intense and confident full strokes, meaning the need for great footwork. Would not reccomend over tensored rubbers, something like Fast-Arc G-1 is great for BH.
deepoceankenny  on 8/2/2018

Excellent CONTROL, I recommend this as the second blade for (MATURE professional, MATURE old men, MATURE kids, MATURE handicapped players, and most importantly MATURE ladies) prefering ergonomic approach. First blade can be anything from supermarket. Second blade is to compare from the first blade and start conditioning and develop the shots. In time (not far away) this blade will also retire, but for now if you decided to play forehand loop and fast counter, dont waste time, money, effort on those so called soft control bat. Training is training, not accustom comfort and let racket help player. You are either good in with full power swings, or you are second class that need some material to help you; if you need material to help, why going on that path? For me, I am not striving to win only; I treat table tennis as physical exercise and mental development so I go on play Calderano FOCO instead. I like big powerful swings! You cannot say a Boeing 777 has more control than a Mig25. Control BY THE RACKET for me is measured by 1. speed of slam, 2. speed of loop, 3. SPEED of ball reverse back to the net, 4. reduced movements for altering, placements, and the SPEED a wide shot is achieved, its all about - SPEED! Ultimately, CONTROL is not assistance in play, we need to train control and discover Gods gift! I recommend this blade for ladies. (All wood for men! And if you don’t like hitting balls with somersault, we aren’t talking about the same term of control, you are just controlling other people!) But the cheaper Donic Waldner ultra senso blade is very similar!
toekneema  on 4/17/2018

Great blade for both extremes of the spectrum: control shots (such as blocking, pushing, and drop shots) and power shots (loops, smashes, drives, punches). Before having the Ma Long 5, I had the Ovtcharov Carbospeed 5 (which was also very good), but when I switched to the Ma Long 5, I could much more easily lift underspin balls. I also felt more speed and more consistency on my attacks. If you are upgrading to this blade from an all-wood or a slower blade, just be wary that your hits will probably go long at first, will take some time to adjust. The only con about this blade for me is the handle, which is quite thin. I have small hands and theoretically it should be great for small hands, but I prefer the thicker handles such as the Timo Boll ALC and Viscaria. Otherwise, it is the best blade for its price (~$150).

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