DHS Power-G PG12

DHS Power-G PG12 Blade
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User Ratings (6)

Speed 8.8
Control 8.3
Stiffness 5.3   
Hardness 7.5   
Consistency 8.8   
Always identical
Overall 8.7 10
Manufacturer Details
Speed 9.0 / 10
Control 9.0 / 10
Weight 90g
Plies 7
Materials 2 glass fiber carbon 5 wood
Thickness 6.0mm
There are 2 users using the DHS Power-G PG12.
Model: OFF++
Ply: 5+2GC
Thickness: 6.0mm±0.2mm
Type: Loop Plus Attack

Reviews (6)

Arcuri  on 1/4/2019

This blade is very light! And has a great potential with tensor rubbers, I really didn't like it with the Hurricane 8 I bought because they are both very hard equipments and it makes the racket slow and doesn't give the ball a lot of spin, so I tried Rakza 7 and Xiom Omega 4 Euro and it worked really well! Fast blade, fast response, doesn't have sucha great feeling as you normaly have with all wood blades but you can always tell where and how hard the ball hit your paddle, very good for offensive plays and blocking, choping may go long with no good touch and open ups need a very good technique if you want the ball to hit the table, most of times in the end of it, but attacking is definetly the purpose of this wood
Hozuki  on 10/12/2018

This has to be the most flexible carbon blade ever. Said to be lower quality version of Hurricane King III. If you prefer very flexible blades like Offensive Classic yet you want more speed without losing too much flex, this would be your choice. Suitable for mid distance looping, but not good for close to the table play. Power looper's blade, suitable for very fast loops from mid distance with hard chinese rubbers. Blocking, smashing and serving are the weakness of this blade.
Woo  on 6/5/2017

It definitely hits well. Does all things pretty well imo. Have two with Tinarc 5 Soft on both sides. Best thing is the weight, mostly over 90 grams ;)
senja  on 11/5/2015

It's a composite blade from budget Power-G DHS series. Comparing it with Friendship/729 V-6 which has similar ply structure, I was not so impressed with PG-12. Somehow, the blade was not so good balanced, more in heavy range (above 90 g), not so good for flat hitting and not so great for looping like pure wood blades. It's thinner than V-6, carbon layer is different than V-6 (it's a glass fiber-carbon rather than aramid-carbon in V-6) and a top layer is different (brown colored, but I am not sure if it is dark colored Koto or Limba?). The most annoying fact for me was very thin FL handle which does not fit me. I'm more fan of DHS ST handles like the one you can find on DHS PG7. This is one of the best ST handles for me, and the one I'm using on my PG7, it's beautiful to handle! Unfortunately PG12 is coming only with FL (and Chinese penhold) handle. All in all I like more DHS pure wood blades like PG7 and Friendship V-6 is still for me the best composite Chinese blade for looping. If you look at the latest "upper-class" DHS composite blades like Hurricane Long V, with which Ma Long and Fang Bo are playing , the ply structure is pretty much similar to Friendship/729 V-6.
Snakefish  on 11/25/2014

Excellent control for blocking, punching, pushes, and good soft touch. I get great dwell & power at same time. Easy to play with. Flared handle may be too skinny for some.

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