DHS Power-G PG2-L

DHS Power-G PG2-L Blade
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Speed 7.5
Control 8.3
Stiffness 5.5   
Hardness 5.2   
Consistency 8.3   
Always identical
Overall 8.5 10
Manufacturer Details
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All-round stable performance, fit for stable-offensive player, all-round equipment supply for you.

Reviews (4)

Amigo  on 9/2/2014

DHS power G2 L version at 5.3 mm. This blade is a 5 ply thinner blade rated Off by DHS. Finish is great as with most of the blades nowadays. It is advertised by DHS as a looping blade and I do agree with their marketing. Blade flexes some (not the most flexi blade but it does flex) and there is ok amount of vibration. Handle feels nice it is not too small or too big, since many players played with PG7 I should disclose that handles are the same. In a short game blade has ok amount of speed and that speed in my opinion comes from the weight of the blade and not the construction. It weights around 90g which is not so light for a avg blade. My feeling about this blade is that one could easily sort it as a ALL blade if it was lighter let��s say 10g. In a short game it feels very stable and you pushes go off with confidence. If you go back just a bit let��s say 3 feet (1 meter) blade starts shaking and flexing and stability drops, while spin imparted increases. In my opinion this is a very good solution by DHS to have 90g relatively heavy blade which flexes. Takes care of both aspects of the game short and long in a very efficient way. All in all I am very happy with this purchase. I hope it won��t split or something similar. Recommendation: If you are the type of player who likes to feel the ball while bombing from away then this is the blade for you. I would not recommend this to a starters due to the speed off the table and whip effect which it creates. Enjoy TT and have fun :).
IgorSugars  7 months ago

Very underrated blade. WAKE UP PEOPLE THIS IS ALMOST 1:1 CLONE OF DHS HURRICANE KING!!! And who can make a better copy of a blade than the creator of original? 5-ply. Koto, spruce, ayous, spruce, koto. DHS delivers great quality blades and this is no exception. Feels superb in hand while playing, especially when doing all variations of banana flicks. Pairs well with any Offensive or All-round rubbers. You just can not go wrong with this all-wood blade. I must add that I have no idea about how well defensive rubbers pair up with this blade. Bought this blade specifically to test and feel out all rubbers I get my hands on. Mine was about 89g a bit less without rounding out and 6mm thick. I give this blade 9/10(8.8 should be perfect overall rating as DHS Hurricane King is rated at 9.1 on this site)
hagupi  on 12/18/2014

wasn't really impressed with this blade, dwell time wasn't great and the hand feedback wasn't really deep, in the end I played 4 months and gave it to a friend who broke his blade.
kl5599204  on 1/26/2011

good 5 piles blade,can help me to make a strong topspin,and it is very light,so i use it with long pips for cutting

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