DHS Power-G PG7

DHS Power-G PG7 Blade
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User Ratings (138)

Speed 8.9
Control 8.9
Stiffness 5.8   
Hardness 6.5   
Medium hard
Consistency 8.6   
Always identical
Overall 9.2 10
Manufacturer Details
Weight 89g +/- 3g
Plies 7
Materials 7 plies of Wood
Thickness 6.3
There are 48 users using the DHS Power-G PG7.
The full force of seven high-energy pure wood floor, use of five "high-pressure balloon class" technology, the surface material by special process, effectively enhance flexibility, integration loop for COSCO sets the running game.

Reviews (94)

Obi  on 8/10/2014

7 layers of wood: limba-ayous-ayous-ayous-ayous-ayous-limba. Weight 91 g, thickness 6.1 mm. It is much like Clipper (layers and playability). All shots are playable, no extreme weakness. Throw angle extremely high, good for high arc loop game. Balls usually goes very deep so overthrowing the table is constant threat. Block is fine but no more than that. Blade provides great spin and has power from away from the table. It is fast, but not too fast, I would say off-. I recommend it to spin oriented players more than those who play straight power shots and smashes. Straight handle is too short but you get use to it. Bottom line - great quality cheap blade for spin oriented attackers.
semiambidextrous  on 2/2/2016

Amazing touch, feels and holds the ball even for the deepest angles. Yasaka Rising dragon did not work too well on the forehand, but Tibhar Evolution MX-P, Andro Rasant Grip, Adidas P7 and other EUROPEAN ones did - they get in symbioses after the first stroke. Hybrids are just strange on it, but whatever. Not bad, but nowhere near to their full capacity, as on an Innerforce ZLC, or even on a Nittaku Acoustic. Real power comes out from one step from the table and behind: mid- and long distance. Excels in loops and smashes, and never experienced flicks like with this one before. Lightning fast, as if it's not even your hit. VERY forgiving on the quick wrist play (like flicks from any distance), and also boosts on wide swings as well. Serves and the short game may take a few hours of adjustment, due to its power, but it's worth playing it through. All new equipment need that break-in process, one way or another. This blade must be, and can be tamed close to the table as well. Head is 2 mm longer than average, but that will help. Perfect balance with many of today's favorite rubbers in 1.9 - thicker may cause it to become a tad head-heavy. Price-quality: like Tibhar Power Wood, once you have played with it, you just want to buy a spare one. Too cheap for this quality and POWER. Surprisingly well sanded and made, found mine flawless. And finally, the gears - have tried dozens of moves within my command, and none jumped out as a weird or non-fitting one: this blade will do whatever you want it to do.
kayuhkuat  on 10/27/2017

89g, 6.1mm. Head heavy. Small fl handle. Some flex. Good for looping with spin. Worth the price.
seguso  on 9/22/2013

good blade for close to table loopers. this is a flexible 7 ply of medium hardness. it is a more flexible clipper wood. use this if you are close to table looper on BOTH backhand and forehand. if you are a close to table looper but you only loop on forehand, and mostly drive on bh, go for clipper wood. Also, if you use clipper wood and need more gears, use pg7. I.e., if your clipper wood seems too fast in bh loop rallies, but too slow in fh loops from mid distance, use pg7. stiffness: stiffer than a 5-ply like PG3 or stiga offensive classic, but flexible for a 7-ply. (more flexible than a clipper) outer ply is limba (unlike Pg2 and pg3 which are koto). not hard as koto . speed: it is not very fast, unfortunately. it is off- or off at best: pg9 is faster, pg3 is faster, pg2 is faster, stiga offensive cr is faster, galaxy u2 is faster, clipper wood is faster, clipper cr is much faster. the speed problem is the reason why I don't use this blade. my bh opening loop is short (with m2 max, worn), and my bh receive (loop) is short too. Clipper wood is just right, offensive cr is just right, but this is slow. great with m2 on bh. I am using it with m2 on fh too, but I am planning to switch to something harder, like t05 or mx-p. also works very well with chinese rubbers such as h3 or tg3 because the blade is fast without being too hard. Price is incredible for the quality. The straight handle version has a blade face a bit smaller. I am using the straight handle version.
katekarin  6 months ago

Don't trust the ratings for this blade. Too fast and uncontrollable, especially with tensor rubbers. Good for blocking and hitting flat but not much else. The size of its head is a bit larger than the average blade, but the sweet spot is small. Very hard, almost no vibration. Its stiffness doesn't allow you to feel the ball. The flared handle is very thin. I cannot suggest it to anyone who wants to learn how to play properly. I was surprised to see this blade in the list of most popular blades in this site but I think it is because it is one of the cheapest blades out there. If you want to pay less than £20, I would suggest Sanwei Fextra 7. Slower but much higher control, feeling and quality.

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