DHS Power-G PG9

DHS Power-G PG9 Blade
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User Ratings (12)

Speed 9.2
Control 8.7
Stiffness 6.3   
Hardness 6.7   
Medium hard
Consistency 9.5   
Always identical
Overall 8.9 10
Manufacturer Details
Weight 89g
Plies 7
Thickness 6.3mm
There are 3 users using the DHS Power-G PG9.
Type: OFF++
Fitted Play: Attack
7-ply wood blade with high elasticity and excellent holding.
A quick recovery from deformation and superhigh speed
make quick-attack plus loop driver freely.
Flexibility and speed is great , comfortable control of the ball ,
Fit for double side Loop / Attacks style

Reviews (8)

ujjvalverma  on 12/25/2016

Update: Using it for year by now... it feels better all other blades used. Its handle was strange initially, but now I feel its handle is a key strength and allows me to keep the angle of the blade closed on power loops. Its outstanding control allows equally good blocking too. Old Equipment: Top quality 7 ply construction. Outer ply is Koto (Hard) that brings me to PG9 after being impressed with it using Viscaria. Weight 88gm. Its Stiff but has some flex for supporting looping. Looping backspin is really easy. Flipping, Counterplay and Smashes are outstanding too. It does everything top level. Speed: 9.3 rating, much faster than Viscaria (8.8). .loopers dream.. smashes are outstanding, all loops fall on table. I enjoyed every moment spent with the blade. FL handle is awesome. Neck of handle is not so big, for bigger hands may be a grip would do. Control: Superb. Outstanding. Great woody feeling. I am truly surprised that a fast wood blade like this one can be so good at control. It surely has superb sweet spot. The blade is having some flex and allows for outstanding looping from any distance. Long distance becomes easy to play at top speed. Sound: Tok Tok Great at blocking, pushing, serving... overall pro level thing. Great in short game too and not bouncy at all. There is a video review of this blade by Brian Pace: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WUFE6IJTZTw Will update more after few months of play. Hope this helps. Cheers !!!
sipokoyto  on 1/16/2014

Love the huge sweet spot on this blade. With DHS TG 2 Neo on the forehand and T-88I at the backhand. I love the feel and the feedback. This one true great blade and when you consider the price - it is a steal!
man_iii  on 6/29/2013

I have been using this blade for 3 months and from day one its been great. Very minimal vibrations and extremely fast. Mid- and long-range attacks are very effective with blocks being an instant return. Close to the table chop or slow attacks end up with out-of-bounds due to the high speed of this blade. Fast rally and heavy top-spin loops from mid distance seems a perfect fit for this blade. Not recommended for all-rounders or beginners at all. Almost no dwell time so only speed and rally players need buy this blade.
Hozuki  on 9/10/2018

Ratings here are accurate imo. Slightly too hard, fast and stiff for my taste, but still superb touch and predictability. Big sweetspot, great spin capability. Slight flex to support looping. Very good control for a blade this fast. Smashes are easy and lethal. Build quality is good for sure, but neck needs sanding. I recommend high throw rubbers, TG2 lacks arc against backspin, H3 is much better. Vega pro probably best fit for euro FH. Pairs best with medium-hard rubbers with high arc and high elasticity (h3 boosted and cake sponge modern esn,) excellent for 40+ abs playstyle (like harimoto or fzd, with appropriate rubber choice) Sticking with it for now, great blade.
Nakata  on 5/25/2017

When I was testing some 7-ply blades to match my short pips I first went to PG7, the famous blade used by Ma Long for a while. It was a disaster. Maybe I was unlucky and got one from a bad batch but the truth is I didnĀ“t like it at all: had too much vibration and poor control. Then I decided to test this PG9, without much expectations, but had a nice surprise. PG9 is softer than PG7 and has a much better control, because of the combination of plies. It is excellent with short pips and guaranteed 2 titles for me. Unfortunately I abandoned it for the Persson Powerplay, an even better match for short pips. But my PG9 is well kept and I will never get rid of it.

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