DHS Wind CW-C Blade
Approx. $ 40 USD
Price $

User Ratings (22)

Speed 9.4
Control 7.3
Stiffness 9.0   
Very stiff
Hardness 8.8   
Consistency 7.2   
Occasional variations
Overall 8.6 10
Manufacturer Details
Weight 98g +/- 3g
Plies 7
Materials Carbon and Wood
Thickness 6.2mm
There are 11 users using the DHS Wind CW-C.

Reviews (12)

panditrajdeep  on 3/12/2014

The blade is very fast. I have been using it with fh: Donic Sonex JP and bh: 729 Super fx. The blade has a very good feel. The ply is very stiff. This is one of the best blades at its price. Its very unfortunate that DHS does not have much product in India. If you are an attacking player, go for this blade. It does feel a bit heavy at first but you will get used to it. Smashing is awesome. The sound of the blade is very sweet. Overall I give this blade 9/10.
Tennisman  on 3/17/2011

In my opinion only, this blade is bigger than the other. However, once rubbers are glued, I can say it is the best blade ever. I use Hurricane 2 Neo for the forehand side and pips out rubber for the backhand and I think it is really suitable for that. More over, the grippy solid feels of the grip is really comfortable as you're trying to hit any kind of ball. Last thing, this blade is know as ano offensive blade. However, I think this blade is suitable for any playing style. It's hard for me to tell whether I recommend this blade for beginners or not, I'm also a beginner. All I can say is that this blade is a little bit heavy. But once you get used to it, you'll love it.
Awieiris  on 4/26/2018

Fast n hard blades! Need to use soft rubber. It will balance the momentum of your shots.
boboho15  on 4/14/2017

Very fast blade, difficult to make a heavy topspin..less dwel time.. i use Fh Tenergy 05 bh Xiom vega pro.. i feel the result only speed not spin.
Nelsonjack124  on 3/19/2017

Frankly to say I owe many blades like butterfly gergely tamca,xiom strato,xiom zetro quad,yasaka malin,aruna Off+,joola k7. But none of these blades were powerful on their strokes then I came towards a video Chinese coach giving training in YouTube which rubber to use on fh and BH and what blade should a player use mostly off or off + whichever one prefers ,I use to use tensor rubbers on fh and it was difficult sometimes to smash so i put hurricane 3neo on on fh on xiom strato but results were moderate ,so I decided to bring a wind series 1030 blade and same hurricane 3 on the Fh but flex was there but no power,I was obsessed at last I came across this blade the Dhs wind series CW-C I read the reviews and decided last try I put Dhs Hurricane neo3 on Fh&BH Tibhar Aurus man what a blade heavy though powerful extreme blocks backhand smash,topspin, Fh topspin are so fast and perfect accuracy on the table I was surprised its handle is so beautiful like a socket fitting the palm and so agressive, responsive,accurate & damn powerful thanks to Chinese coach putting good ping pong videos to improve ping pong at a higher level no good coach in India they recommend tensor rubber on Fh .Hurricane rocks and last but not the least ladies &gentlemen this blade cost around $25 or 30 very cheap and solid quality same like stiga & butterfly blades but I will suggest this is the blade till date i have come across heavy but with lot of flex never forget to use a Hurricane 3neo,skyline, or the 8 on FH if you boost the rubber it can be more powerful on strokes and BH whichever tensor rubber suits you'll, Great blade

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