Donic Appelgren Allplay Senso V2

Donic Appelgren Allplay Senso V2 Blade
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User Ratings (7)

Speed 6.8
Control 9.2
Stiffness 3.6   
Some flex
Hardness 4.1   
Medium soft
Consistency 8.3   
Always identical
Overall 9.2 10
Manufacturer Details
Speed 6.0 / 10
Control 9.0 / 10
Weight 80g
Plies 5
There are 5 users using the Donic Appelgren Allplay Senso V2.
Highly sensitive Swedish allround blade.
Depending on the rubber you combine this blade with, it is suitable for all modern table tennis strategies where ball control is most important. It provides high acceleration reserves for a fast spin game. Available in the two SENSO versions:
V1= optimum speed
V2= optimum control.

Mikael Appelgren the record European Champion uses a blade APPELGREN ALLPLAY designed according to the SENSO V 1 principles.

Reviews (5)

Obi  on 10/6/2014

This blade is rated all but it is closer to all+ so it is not so slow as you might think. Control is amazing. It is thin (5.3 mm) looping blade. Handle is hallow, blade is 5 plies wood (limba-limba-ayous-limba-limba). Not perfect for smash or flick. Great for loops, pushes, chops. If you like to hit hard and maintain control you'll get this with Senso V2. Sweet spot is medium, block is medium easy to perform but not to dangerous for your opponent. This blade does not have too much power of it's own so you need to use the force when hitting from distance. It might not be blade for top world players but if you are recreational player or minor league competitor this is great choice for allround game. Edit (after some time): I put Yasaka Rakza 7 and Rakza 7 soft on this blade and it is a miracle :-) Speed, control and spin all in one. Senso V2 tottaly keeps this fast rubbers under control. Forehand with R7 soft is amazing. Loop has enormous amount of spin. It is great to hit and to watch. Best combination I tried so far.
Stevenson  on 3/7/2012

Gee, I never thought that an ALL blade can be this good. I have this blade just to play around with basement players. But I am hooked with this blade. It is good for short game and service return, but it is amazingly good for looping (with extra kick and curved ball). I don't loose a lot of speed either with it (I am playing close to table). However, it is not too good for blocking or smashing but given some time, when you can hit right at the sweet spot, you can block or smash well.
Tarentum  on 9/11/2011

One of the best all-round blade that I've ever played! Control is amazing, the speed is enough for all-round style of game. I love this blade very much together with Yasaka Extra, which I consider among the best in their category!
JimC  on 12/31/2009

I own all three versions of this blade. I have an affinity towards them since I roomed with Mikael at the 1981 US Open and he was a super nice guy. When the blade became available I bought a few to give as gifts figuring he might get a few bucks in royalties! I normally play butterfly arylate blades but I got a set of these to see if more control would help. I found them a bit slow for my allround game (emphasis on backhand pick hitting and looping-I twiddle between short pips and inverted) but the control is excellent. I recently bought another from Mr G with some 837 on the backhand and it works pretty well for blocking and deep chopping though w/o glue the forehand loop is a little slow for my taste. I use one with "Magic Pips" and Scramble 21 as a coaching bat since the control is so good and I am not cranking the ball against the 11-12 year old boys I coach. I also set one up with a couple sheets of "Dr. Evil" and it makes a great attacking hard bat. The craftsmanship on these are excellent for a 40 dollar or so blade. I suggest sealing the wood though. The feel is better than say the STIGA Allround Classic-It is similar to the YASAKA Gatien Allround blade I use for Hardbat.
Butch  on 8/25/2009

This blade is in the All+ class. Great for the spinning allround player. Lacks some power away from table. Control is good with normal vibration and ball feedback. Flared handle feels too small. Nice looking handle design. A good blade for beginners, loopers (close to mid) or control style players.

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