Donic Appelgren Allplay

Donic Appelgren Allplay Blade
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User Ratings (44)

Speed 6.8
Control 8.8
Stiffness 3.7   
Some flex
Hardness 4.2   
Medium soft
Consistency 8.4   
Always identical
Overall 8.9 10
Manufacturer Details
Speed 70 / 100
Control 90 / 100
Weight 85g
Plies 5
There are 9 users using the Donic Appelgren Allplay.

Reviews (22)

zek  on 7/24/2012

Wow! Best blade I have so far. Great and i mean great control. Speed is more than adequate if you have the correct stroke and don't just rely on the blade for power. You can put a lot of spin, power and precision with this blade. It also helps that this blade has very good feel and feedback. The amount of vibrations is just right. This blade has put a lot of confidence in my strokes. I have a OSP vituoso off- that many players rave about in many TT forums but I think this blade is even better by a mile in every aspect than the vituoso off-. I think I have found the blade that is right for me.
DeVoured  on 1/23/2009

This blade is one of the best you can find, if you want to be able to do everything with a blade. You can play very offensive with it, also very defensive, all strokes are very controllable with it. Blocking makes fun with it, you can exactly decide how fast the ball should be. my recommendation: not only for beginners but also for the typical allrounders andmodern defenders. For attackers this could be too slow though
lexprimaenoctis  on 2/7/2014

Blade with great control and not that slow as it looks like here...much depends on the rubbers, players abilities and preferences. It can be a beast if you know how to wake it up. Overall, one of the best blades on the market.
geeza_1  on 6/17/2013

I can only mirror what others have said about this blade. It is simply an all-time classic. If you are learning the game or coming back from a long break, this is the perfect blade to develop all the strokes. It is nice and flexy and feels absolutely solid and reliable, no matter whether you mainly chop, block, push, drive or loop. I currently use mine as my back-up blade. It has Baracuda (2.0mm) on one side and Xiom Omega IV Elite (Max) on the other. This setup is completely versatile and reliable. I know that if the ball does not do what I want it to do, it is my fault and not the blade's!
Dawid21  on 4/28/2013

Definitely speed isn't best parameter of this blade but conrol and feel is. Practically you can play it everything. Good for beginers and all-around players.

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