Donic Appelgren Dotec Control

Donic Appelgren Dotec Control Blade
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Speed 7.4
Control 8.4
Stiffness 5.0   
Hardness 4.3   
Medium soft
Consistency 7.5   
Always identical
Overall 8.2 10
Manufacturer Details
Speed 78 / 100
Control 93 / 100
Weight 70g
Plies 5
Materials Limba (plies 1, 5), Ayous (plies 2, 4), Balsa thick core, Cork handle
Thickness 7.4mm
There are 5 users using the Donic Appelgren Dotec Control.
In the Appelgren DOTEC Control blade the DOTEC fiber is placed between a limba cover and an ayous inner ply. The middle core consists of a DOTEC balsa layer.

The APPELGREN DOTEC CONTROL blade is the last word in control and accuracy. This blade is more easily controlled and has more feel than the Waldner DOTEC AR. It is ideal for the player who wants more ball control without losing the speed necessary for attacking.
DONIC's DOTEC technology produces optimum control and exceptional feel. The DOTEC series has developed into a best seller due to its unique handle that fits comfortably into your hand resulting in perfect harmony between you and the blade as well as superb touch.

Reviews (7)

McPat715  on 4/29/2017

i'm specialist from blade Donic Dotec and i'm sure the Appelgren model is the better in control. More than Waldner Dotec control and Waldner Dotec Carbon and similar from Wang Xi Control Plus ;-)
culeman  on 10/27/2016

A favor: - Ligera - Mango recto cómodo - Buen control y sensación - Para jugadores iniciados que buscan un juego a media distancia y buen control en los bloqueos En contra: - Mango curvado incómodo - El relieve que va del mango a la zona de la goma
r5705  on 11/28/2010

I hated this blade with 2mm sponge, but have learned to love it with 1.5mm sponge. Offense doesn't seem to be a problem and it generates reasonable speed. With good control, the speed is sufficient. Blocks well.
AndySmith  on 7/6/2010

Nice allround+ blade. Donic market this as a "control" blade, but I still found it on the faster side of allround, especially for an all-wood. The handle is the big selling point. It feels really comfortable for me, and actually helps my forehand technique a bit with wrist position. I did find it a bit tricky on the backhand side, and had to adjust a bit because I felt a bit cramped up in some way. The Dotec blades are worth a go just to try out the feel of the handle, which is great. Probably best to try one out before you buy if you can - it's a personal thing.
Anonymous  on 1/4/2010

This took a good amount of adjusting for me, but I ended up liking the blade very much. It can hit fairly consistently if you are able to read spins and react fairly well, for blocking it is also decent (not quite good enough where you can be lazy on every shot), but looping is where I think it stands out the most.

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