Donic Baum Esprit

Donic Baum Esprit Blade
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Speed 8.7
Control 9.0
Stiffness 4.9   
Hardness 5.9   
Medium hard
Consistency 8.8   
Always identical
Overall 9.2 10
Manufacturer Details
Speed 95 / 100
Control 70 / 100
Weight 90g
Plies 7
Materials Aramid-Carbon
There are 7 users using the Donic Baum Esprit.
The artificial Aramid-Carbon fibre in combination with high quality wood plies ensure a precise ball return and outstanding offensive quality to the blade. In addition to being very fast, the Baum Esprit ensures maximum ball control in every playing situation. It is particularly suited for counter top-spinning and for touch play. This blade is ideal for attackers who value spin but require sufficient speed from their strokes.

Reviews (5)

andresronfe  on 4/19/2013

DONIC Baum esprit I have in my hands has an approximate weight of 87 g does not feel as heavy and most of the weight is in the head but does not feel very different from the weight of the handle , has a bit average finish very thin fibers are aramid-carbon out of the wood and the wood finish on the handle is very rough, fl handle is very comfortable and feels great, the probe with DONIC bluefire m2 in FH and Joola Xplode to BH, has a feeling stiff much more than the power in July and was very similar to andro Super Core Carbon light off + but a bit more solid, control was nothing bad had a good time retention of the ball, the speed is similar to Butterfly Timo Boll Spirit but a little slower and not so easily to the topspin, but took a heavy spin on the ball. I think the strength of this wood is in blocking block was very confident and could leave the ball wherever I wanted, away from the table was not bad was good curve ball and a speed luxury. overall I liked the sheet if somewhat Desepcionante finish quality of the leaf. engeneral people recommend this wood for your game is based on active locks and close to the table game speed, and away from the table plays very well with them eh rubbers already named, I think it would be an excellent wood with tenergy rubbers 05. respect to the layers having 7 layers and I think the core is in kiri. the outer layers are extremely deslgadas continues aramyd charcoal layer that has the same appearance Arylate-carbon, then follows a layer a bit thicker than the outer layer and the core width really think it is more than 60% of total thickness of the sheet that is 6 mm
vkvkvk  on 1/30/2013

Just receieved the blade but haven't got a chance to try it. Initial impressions, this is the blade that I am looking for. Let me give the background why I'm interested with this blade. I recently tried my friend blade, tb alc w/ rakza 7, and I am amazed on how the blade setup suits me. Then I found in this site that the blade n also the rubber is one of the most popular product beside tbs, xiom stradivarius, vega pro n vega euro. After further research, all the blade mentioned above have about same characteristic, also the rubber, eventhough they are produced by different brands. Accidentally I found this Donic Baum Esprit has same construction with xiom stradivarius, but so much cheaper. So I decided to buy one w/ vega pro n vega euro. I can't wait to try this setup! Will update this review soon. Update: the setup is actually quite nice, but i can't say something special about it. Right now I prefer my other blade, ovtcharov carbospeed with bluefire m3.
Jim66  5 months ago

Some people think that expensive rackets are good, but unfortunately it's not for me especially if it's just for prestige. I have not tried the other newest rackets unless I have used Sardius, Gergely, Primorac, Schlager, Clipper, Clipper CC and several other old rackets. Before switching to Donic Baum Esprit, I used Clipper Wood and Clipper CC. For the past 2 weeks I have been using Clipper CC but am not satisfied with the combination of rubber that I use now with Xiom Omega V Asia (FH max, BH 2.0). With Donic Baum Esprit I found the right combination with the rubber I mentioned above. The main thing is that I feel good control and accuracy when doing topspin/loop, counter attacks, blocking and flick (FH / BH). Donic baum esprit is the best alternative for me at this time with adequate speed, good control and felt (medium stiff, medium hard), comfortable grip, and I don't worry if the wood surface will splinter when removing the rubber from the blade. With prices that don't drain my wallet, I can use the remaining budget to buy good rubber, and it doesn't have to be expensive either.
dangerhow  on 10/25/2014

Good offensive blade when put fast rubber on the forehand. But you may need a rubber with softer sponge to control with backhand side. This blade is not recommended for beginner. Because it may be too fast for them. But if you are an intermediate offensive player, this blade can be used as the step stone before you moving to a faster blade
Blocker99  on 3/27/2014

I play the donic baum esprit with baracuda on both sides in maximum thickness. The blade is well manufactured and looks very nice. The blade is a little bit slower and softer than spirit because the 3. + 5. layer is abachi instead of limba (in spirit). The blade has a very big head (160mm x 152mm). My racket is head heavy, but i need this, becuase i have a little longer movement with the forehand so the headheavyness helps me to accelerate better.

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