Donic Burn Aratox

Donic Burn Aratox Blade
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Speed 8.2
Control 8.5
Stiffness 4.6   
Hardness 5.5   
Consistency 10.0   
Always identical
Overall 9.0 10
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Two new related materials offer all ambitious players a new technology advance. Aratox and Carbotox fibres are incorporated in the production of DONIC BURN TOX blades - after the BURN technologies principle. Both fibres are softer and more elastic than their predecessors ARAMID (which has been replaced by ARATOX) and CARBON (replaced by CARBOTOX). DONIC has used the highest quality wood plies for this series. Thanks to their unique structure DONIC BURN TOX blades have good feel and are easy to use despite their apparent stiffness when striking the ball. We offer a precise model from the BURN TOX blade series for every allround and attacking player, just as we did with the BURN series, an OFF- and AR+ version. We have deliberately used a somewhat softer outer ply of Koto for the BURN Aratox, which offers greater control than Mahogany. This is a suitable blade for allround players who like to play a spinny game with soft rubber. This blade is also suitable for a fast and dynamic game played with hard rubber.

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chuckjordan2  on 5/24/2015

** 5/25/15 Update ** I have since switched rubbers and found my great combination: Andro REVOfire - 2.1 blk-FH Andro Impuls powerspongs 2.0 red - BH Loops fantastic, blocks great, and easily flicks. Everything I wanted in a Bat. Now to find some extra blades and stock up. With above setup, it's OFF to OFF- ** originall review below ** This is a nice semi-flexy AR blade. Because Donic has three similar (Burn) models that look similar, I think this confuses the consumer as to what they're buying. It did me as I wanted the AR version (not OF). This blade is softer and flexible. A nice AR blade. The sweet spot is large, and the only minor point is it doesn't impart much spin (remember, there are rubbers attached. we can blame them!) It's head heavy (my ST blade weighed 86g) and it has good power at the mid-table distance. It's not a powerhouse as I play an AllRound game. Build quality is good, some glue oozing out this sides (easily fixed with light sanding). My ST blade weighed 89g. Tested with Palio CJ8000 2-Side (FH) and 729 Trans. Cream (BH). Better control as I can place the ball well. I like playing with this blade. The ST handle has an oval shape, is comfortable in my large hands (see my Joola Medium Falcon review if you have large hands). Some dimensions below: Donic Burn Aratox (ST) L= 102mm W= 30.25mm CS= 29.75mm head 151mm x 156.5mm I'm suprised nobody has reviewed this blade?
jasa  on 1/23/2015

My blade has AN handle and weights 92g. The handle is thick (OK, for me). The area is a bit large, which increases the overall weight of the racket (190 g). I use it since about a month. It has Andro Rasant 2.2 mm FH and DHS Memo 2 2.2 mm BH. This assembly is OFF-/OFF, not AR. FH topspin - VG, with good arc and velocity. Lands easily on the table. FH smash - ball doesn't fly as an arrow (or as with my Yasaka Dynamix 17, which however smashes often off the table...), but it is enough to kill the point. Control and push/chop - Very Good; even with the agressive FH Rasant, pushes and over the table chops are easy to land. The increased weight of the assembly helps in building a solid platform to rebound the ball and absorb incoming energy and effect. Blocks - excellent, both FH and BH; despite having quite different rubbers, blocking is awesome. Perhaps the best quality of this assembly. BH topspin and lift - not as good as in FH, the arc is not so good, but in the end Memo 2 is not a Rasant ;-) Nevertheless, a more flexible blade could help here in creating nicer arcs. BH flat-ball rallies - Very Good; more than enough for keeping the rally alive until a strong BH stroke can be applied. The VG control rules in BH rallies. FH and BH flicks - the weight of the racket slows somewhat fast arm movements; so don't expect to be doing amazingly fast flicks... Regarding flex, I think it hasn't the amount of flex claimed by other reviewers: it is more the case of a low "stiffy" blade. To conclude, I don't give higher score to the blade because (mainly) of the somewhat heavy overall weight (a smaller blade area was tolerable and could alleviate the issue, as well as gymnasium training for increasing your arm power and strenght :-) ...) and the lack of more quality on BH agressive strokes. Given this, Donic Burn Aratox is a solid weapon for developing a secure-controlled-allround game. It is really a pity that it is being discontinued (mine was bought in a 35% sale).
haehne  on 8/23/2014

as chuckjordan2 stated in his review i can' t understand that there are not more reviews for this blade here and i can even understand less that donic are discontinuing this blade. it is a very good all+ blade with excellent feel and huge control. there's also enough power to generate good speed and spin is excellent too. even though i hate vibrations in my tt blades the slight flex of this blade is not disturbing at all for it contributes to the good feel/touch. hard to think of a downside of this blade, for the time being i can' t think of any.

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