Donic Crest AR+

Donic Crest AR+ Blade
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Speed 8.7
Control 9.2
Stiffness 6.6   
Hardness 5.2   
Consistency 10.0   
Always identical
Overall 9.5 10
Manufacturer Details
Speed 80 / 100
Control 92 / 100
Weight 85g
Plies 9
There are 2 users using the Donic Crest AR+.
9-ply pure perfection

Crest stands for perfection, the absolute top of the range. Conceited? Test it yourself! DONIC CREST is impressive with its fantastic feel! Experience the unique feel of this blade. Nine perfectly adjusted and precisely processed plies are the secret of these absolute top class offensive blades: Fast, excellent feel, very solid and relatively light despite the nine plies.

Excellent playing characteristics, wonderful touch and the ultimate feel!

Veneer structure: 9-ply
Outer veneer Limba 0.8 mm
2+8 Carbon ZF
3+7 Carbon fleece
4+6 Limba 0.8 mm
Middle veneer Kiri 2.8 mm

Reviews (2)

AndySmith  on 11/10/2015

First up, there is a lot of incorrect info around about this blade. Even Donic's own website has several things wrong. Here is the actual construction of the Crest AR+ Outer veneer Limba 0,8 mm 2+8 Limba 0,8mm 3+7 Carbon ZF 4+6 Carbon fleece Middle veneer Ayous 2,8 mm And the head size is 158x152. The quality of this blade is top-notch, as good or better than anything Butterfly makes. I suspect the Crest blades are made by SoulSpin in Germany. The wood selection looks exceptional, the wings are sanded down, and the handle is super comfortable (if a bit flatter than some of Donic's more beefy handles). The head size is a bit large, so the blade will become head heavy, especially with heavier rubbers. It's definitely not an allround blade, so don't let the AR+ in the name confuse you. I came to this blade from the Waldner Senso Carbon, and it plays one notch faster than that. It has a wonderful limba feel from the top ply, giving a sense of "grab" on the ball. It also feels very solid on contact, with none of the hollow feel you get with lighter WSC blades (for example). The sweet spot is very large, but the feel remains quite woody. It is pretty stiff though, so possibly not a good option for lovers of loopy, very flexy blades, but it can do a job from distance. Throw is medium, reliable, consistent. Pairs well with every rubber I've thrown at it. As I said before, I was using the WSC prior to this, but since the plastic ball arrived I've been looking for something with a similar feel but a touch more power and solidity. This is that blade. I've used a lot of blades over the years, but I've never found something which excels in every area for my game until the Crest AR+. It's a bit expensive (shop around though - you can get them for well under retail price), but worth every penny. I really can't imagine using anything else.
waterboyd  on 10/4/2016

This blade similar to Waldner Senso Carbon (speed 8+) but the thicker 2-carbon layers make it faster while maintain good feedback vibration . it is not AR+ class as model name but Donic categorize speed 8 that surprised me, it should be 9.

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