Donic Defplay Senso

Donic Defplay Senso Blade
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Speed 5.5
Control 9.5
Stiffness 3.3   
Some flex
Hardness 4.2   
Medium soft
Consistency 10.0   
Always identical
Overall 9.3 10
Manufacturer Details
Speed 5.0 / 10
Control 10 / 10
Weight 85g
Plies 5
There are 6 users using the Donic Defplay Senso.
The versatile defensive blade
Especially for the modern and versatile defensive player DONIC has developed with the DEFPLAY SENSO such a fantastic blade.
° the worlds most successful veneer combination (5-play allround) is manufactured with two dampening but elastic outer plies. (Gabon and Anegre),
° the vibration and the speed of the blade is reduced by increasing the size of the blade by 3 mm.
° the SENSO technology brings maximum dampening effect with the especially developed V3 void
The result::
° an unbelievable control for all defensive shots.
° a fantastic acceleration for all offensive shots.
° pure playing excitement.

Reviews (16)

firetack  on 8/1/2016

good balance between attack and defence but needs a modern tensor type rubber on f/hand and gets the ball up and down like a Ronaldo free kick when looping with the tightest spinniest looparc you`ll ever see,spinniest chopping blade that I`ve tried and also good for short blocks/chop blocks but not the best spin reversal as the damping effect is evident when blocking,however this helps when chopping with ox rubbers,when you try it you will be hooked update 2015:heavier copies better with a little more stiffness mine was 87g then I resized it and it is 80g,hard gloss yacht varnish to forehand side for better attacking and to lessen the dwell a fraction makes stronger loopdrives and now trying t05 rubber, watch this space... further update:I like the T05 1.9 thickness on this blade it can do everything I need,alittle bit less dwell and slightly higher throw angle with more penetration and speed than my previous 05 fx,it does speed up the Dawei ox pips a little ,may switch to p1r ox for more dampening
Frogger  on 2/7/2016

I heard good reviews concerning this blade so I purchased one for hardbat play. Sealing and some light sanding was needed for the lower wings for added hand comfort. The FL handle felt comfortable and was not to thin. With Yasaka A-1-2 OX pips I found it to be an excellent blade for hardbat. Compared to my Hock blade this one was a bit faster with the same long dwell time for great control. This is a 5ply defensive blade and would be suitable for hardbat, defensive choppers or makes a great control-allround blade with thinner rubbers. I can feel the ball vibrations very well due to the Senso handle. The price is good, the performance is excellent and highly recommend for anyone looking for a very good Def+ blade.
vietma  on 7/16/2015

Best of the best. Cheapest of the cheap. I love this blade so much. I was an offensive player who loop on backhand and forehand and recently I want to experience long pimple on my backhand so I bought this Donic Defplay Senso V3. I put Donic Bluefire M2 max thickness on my forehand and Yinhe Neptune 0.6 mm on my backhand. I chop away from the table on my backhand and counter attack and loop on my forehand. This blade is not also good for chopping with long pips but also excellent with topspin and counter attack with inverted rubber. I consistently win my game against good players with this lovely blade and those rubbers. Highly recommended.
nokin  on 11/11/2014

This blade is magic tool. I gave two coats of sealer to it and glued Tibhar Evolution el-p on forehand and Milky way Neptune long pimples on backhand. It is perfect combo for me from the first try! I can say Evolution medium spongued rubber works like a dream on this blade. I attack balls which I prepere with pimples. Rubber has perfect touch in short play (guite hard top). Neptune with 0.7 spongue is slow enough for defence spiny balls and attack underspin is guite disturbing and verry easy to do. If you like to topspin or produce some kills it is perfect combo. I am buying another Donic Defplay Senso blade for spare.
gwirthsipp  on 10/24/2014

For me an allround blade. Perfect control. Fast enough with fast rubbers. Slow enough with def- rubbers or long pimples. And that for low price. Some profs use it

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