Donic Dima SawTec AR

Donic Dima SawTec AR Blade
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User Ratings (3)

Speed 6.7
Control 8.0
Stiffness 2.7   
Some flex
Hardness 5.2   
Consistency 10.0   
Always identical
Overall 6.5 10
Manufacturer Details
Speed 8.0 / 10
Control 8.0 / 10
Weight 85g
Plies 5
Dima Ovtcharov, European Champion Men's Team 2007 and Bronze Medallist at the European Championships in singles Competition 2007, plays an important role in the German National Team at the age of 19 already. His greatest strength is his extreme adaptability at the table. He possesses extraordinary touch and has the ability to vary his play to adjust to differing circumstances. To complement Dima's game, DONIC has devised a combination of woods for the DIMA SawTec AR blade that is suitable for every stroke in the game, including flick, push, block, topspin, loop, and smash. This blade enables players of all abilities to play to their full potential. Control is excellent, the blade is relatively quick, and the DONIC Cork-Covered System gives a perfect handle. The DIMA SawTec AR blade is the chameleon of table tennis blades thanks to its allround adaptability!

Reviews (2)

rudai  on 3/24/2012

By using frequency and effective stiffness calculation. I can do an estimation that this blade: 1. has about the same speed as 8mm 1ply hinoki but half of its stiffness. 2. has 65% of Schlager carbon speed and 17% of its stiffness. Reference:
Anonymous  on 7/15/2009

Great cork-covered handle. Nice blade for close and middle distance play. I use F3 Big Slam 2.0 on both sides. This combo generates very good spin and excellent control. Good spin on serves, good control on serve returns. Very good dwell time on racket face. Good for looping and hitting at top of bounce, not so good for looping late off of bounce. Good for attacking over the table. Quick counterhitting. Linear response. Forgiving of small errors. Overall, a very good blade for allaround play near the table.

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