Donic Opticon

Donic Opticon Blade
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Speed 7.7
Control 8.6
Stiffness 6.2   
Hardness 7.1   
Medium hard
Consistency 10.0   
Always identical
Overall 8.4 10
Manufacturer Details
Speed 85 / 100
Control 80 / 100
Weight 80
Plies 5
Materials 0.6mm Buche outer ply, 1.7mm Abachi middle ply, 3mm Balsa center ply
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DONIC OPTICON A new combination ply system has been developed and patented for table tennis bats. Specially chosen high quality plies of different hardness are laminated using different glues of varying viscosity. This production method has great influence on the ply and is a completely new invention. The blade is totally without vibration, only the contact of the ball is noticeable, nothing else. With OPTICON you are the master of your own destiny. A perfect combination of excellent control and variation of speed. OPTICON is the magic word for speed that you can only dream of. You are able to control the ball and your opponent precisely as you wish. You will never want to put this blade down! OPTICON - for maximum control and feel, at amazing speeds. The veneer consists of three mm Balsa middle veneer. Two 1.7 mm Abachi veneers and two 0.6 mm Buche outer veneers.

Reviews (5)

wm7789  on 12/20/2011

both as combo with coppa j.o. silver, had paddle for long time now starting to use it again. it is great for getting your strokes trained, not to fast, used my photino bh/fh tg05 and was amazied how well my stokes were, (use this blade for training it ideal for it) head dimension smaller than Butterfly standard,
Anonymous  on 7/3/2011

Large sweet spot, vibration free, feels like a slow carbon blade. It's a little thicker than I would like, and the head is a little too small, smaller than average...
Steve  on 2/28/2011

Nice Off-/All+ blade. Vibration free with a large sweet spot. Like a carbon blade, but a bit slower with better touch. Not a fast blade, but fast enough for me to hit winners. Not a slow blade, but slow enough to return serve.
knowalgesearch  on 7/30/2010

I bought this bat, played with it around 20 hrs. It's more of a defensive bat than an offensive by any means. its a slow bat I would give it 7-8 for speed, but with excellent control, the ball tends to go where ever you want it to go, excellent at blocking what ever the speed and the spin your opponent is using in his attack the ball tends to go back on the table. But this is all some how on speed; when you attack your ball returns are slow which gives your opponent time to recover and react to it. It is also great at playing mid distance to the table, where your loops go with considerable force and what ever you do it tends to go on the table not out. Another thing is that it is worse, at returning underspin with top spin, it lacks the tinge of speed that the faster blades offer so you have a realllly hard time with that. Best regards: knowlagesearch.
michto  on 3/3/2010

Good blade, but not great. It is for allround play with more offensive actions.

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