Donic Ovtcharov Dotec OFF

Donic Ovtcharov Dotec OFF Blade
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User Ratings (3)

Speed 9.5
Control 9.9
Stiffness 6.3   
Hardness 6.7   
Medium hard
Consistency 10.0   
Always identical
Overall 9.7 10
Manufacturer Details
Speed 90 / 100
Control 71 / 100
Weight 82g
Plies 5
Donic continues to build on many years of success of its Dotec series with three new Ovtcharov blades: Off, All+ and All. Ovtcharov Dotec blades will for the first time incorporate the brand new CBF technology. Vulcanized artificial plies have been carefully glued and put together with top quality plies to ensure extremely good feel and precise return of the ball. Ovtcharov Dotc Off is the fastest in this series. It is really fast but has excellent control. Best suited for attackers and allround players with power who like to loop or counter-attack close or away from the table.

Reviews (3)

JamesLooper  5 months ago

I have been playing with this Dotec Off for 1 year now. It is true that the handle limitates wrist rotation in backhand. I found a solution! Just reverse your rubbers! Switching the blade from side to side solved all the problems. I have now a better backhand feel and this changed nothing on forehand. Using TG3 neo on FH and Bluefire M2 on BH. This setup suits me the best. In conclusion : I will keep this blade and stop trying other setups because nothing seems to be better than that, for me! The feeling is really really smooth. Update : BREAKING NEWS! The blade handle broke while playing. This handle has never been thrown on the ground si it is fragile. 70$ on the garbage.
benktwo  on 3/31/2017

I've been playing with Tenergy 05fx on a Xiom Stradavarious for 3 Years. I play a modern European style attacking game, and for me spin is the key ingredient to my success. And after getting into the A division of a singles tournament for the first time, my girlfriend bought me this blade with Tibhar Evolution MX-P on the forehand and FX-S on the backhand as a surprise Valentine's Day present. And everything in my game suddenly got a ton more consistent. The Donic Ovtcharov Dotec Offensive blade is easily the most comfortable blade I've ever held in my hand. You can tell that the Dotec designers have done their homework... all the vibrations from the head of racket can be felt thru the cork handle. It is a little light for my liking. In the past, I've prefered my blades to be a bit head heavy so I have a little more power behind the stroke, but what it lacks in weight it makes up in consistent bounce. A lot of blocks and counterdrives against super powerful loop go in like they're nothing. I would highly recommend it to anyone who is looking for a blade that gives substantial power with amazing consistency.
Nabukadnezar  on 4/8/2014

Given the shape and the intended use of the blade I would have preferred for it to be a bit heavier. The handle is thick, which is awesome for bigger hands, like mine. Flipping with the backhand is not awkward at all. If this was your concern, forget about it. I don't know about other stuff but the speed is amazing, you almost can't see the ball if you go crazy with the attack. Sadly there's no ratting for the looks. If there was, this would be the best looking blade on the market.

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