Donic Ovtcharov Feat

Donic Ovtcharov Feat Blade
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Speed 8.6
Control 9.5
Stiffness 5.4   
Hardness 5.2   
Consistency 10.0   
Always identical
Overall 9.5 10
Manufacturer Details
Weight 75g
Thickness 6.2mm
Made in Germany, top-quality craftsmanship. Spruce Pressing technology, special drying process (cold pressed), moisture content is drastically reduced. Only selected sawn veneers are used instead of ordinary sliced veneers guaranteeing higher stability. At 75g extremely light weight. Handle with ergonomic shape, perfectly rounded, 3D-technology. DONIC OVTCHAROV FEAT ? TO WIN WITH EASE This extremely light 75g blade guarantees that you can use your whole strength to play your strokes. This blade is processed to the highest quality using the innovative Spruce Pressing technology, therefore the moisture content is drastically reduced. Only selected sawn veneers are used instead of ordinary sliced veneers, guaranteeing greater stability. DONIC OVTCHAROV FEAT has qualities which will improve your play: Quality, lightness and feel. This unique German design has been lovingly hand made with selected materials guaranteeing a special feel that you will be delighted with. The flawless round handle fits comfortably into the hand due to the ergonomic shape. DONIC OVTCHAROV FEAT will make you feel great! Like a winner.

Veneer structure: 5-ply Outer veneer Italian Spruce 0,8 mm Middle veneer Kiri 3 mm 2+3 Italian Spruce 0,8 mm

Reviews (4)

terente  on 1/24/2017

Very good allwood blade. no rivals at all!
Obieroonganoonga24  on 6/10/2019

Very controllable but you can get a lot of power
tommyr22  on 12/5/2016

Ive tried many blades before this one......Ultra Senso Carbon......Nexy Calix 2.......Senso Carbon(pen).......Palio Cat.......Yinhe T11. Why did i try the Feat? My shakehand grip requires me to change my grip on my backhand which forces me to use a lighter setup or im not able to do it fast enough during counters. This is the first ALL wood blade ive ever played with....I guess when i started playing I assumed everyone uses carbon. What i like about this blade.....the weight works for my transition from backhand to forehand and the return of serve. There a player in my club with a short topspin/underspin serve and with the carbon blades i couldnt return the serve when i wasnt sure which it was. With this blade the ball doesnt spring off it making it much easier to keep those serves on the table even when you guess the spin wrong......also keep serve returns extra short. Ive tried slower rubbers on carbon or chinese rubbers but nothing did this better than this blade using a Focus Snipe 3 rubber. im a close to table player and i finally gave up using carbon for this. Donic says this blade is a Off but its slower than all those blades mentioned above....Decent sweet spot....the edges play of the blade dont bottom out. What i liked most was serves.....aggressive serves land more with wood than carbon.....serve returns much easier than using carbon....if you touch push every serve back....even topspin it wouldnt give the other guy a big pop up....too slow to pop up long.....and if its backspin youll get an awesome short touch push close to the net. Over the table play is what this blade is great at and its blocks are perfect.......where faster blades require perfect blade angles to be returned this thing is impossible to block long with but fast enough to always go back over the net. weaknesses are passive play behind the table balls may not get returned back over the net. You must swing hard with this blade it wont do the work for you.
waterboyd  on 10/4/2016

High price non-carbon blade may look uninteresting, but I need something lighter and little faster than Waldner Senso Carbon. specification from donic website indicate speed8+,control9- but in new catalog2016 speed9,control8. crisp feel while keep satisfy dwell time and vibration, I feel speed must be 9 control 8. (compare my Waldner Senso Carbon 8+,8+) ST handle rounded feel comfort but abit small 24.3x27.8mm oval shape, I got weight 78g setup with Tenergy05 both side net weight 171g, my back&fore hand stroke can be swing faster than before. one problem I need to sand sharp edges of the blade wings, it hurt my base knuckle of index finger when back hand stroke.

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