Donic Ovtcharov True Carbon

Donic Ovtcharov True Carbon Blade
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Speed 9.1
Control 8.6
Stiffness 6.4   
Hardness 6.3   
Medium hard
Consistency 10.0   
Always identical
Overall 8.7 10
Manufacturer Details
Speed 99 / 100
Control 72 / 100
Weight 90
Plies 7
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The blade chosen by Dima Ovtcharov presents the perfect combination of speed and feel. As a consequence of the change to plastic balls, the European Champion looked for a solution that would meet his high requirements - a blade to compliment Dima's powerful strokes whilst enabling him to play the short service and return game with precision and accuracy.

The combination of five high quality plies and two layers of carbon, plus a specially designed synthetic fiber, has resulted in a top quality blade. This means that Dima Ovtcharov is able to use the hardness of the blade for his power game, yet retain fine touch when reacting to his opponents spin.

Reviews (12)

vinox27  on 11/25/2016

I tested this blade with tenergy 05 fh and t64 on the back hand for comparison wih the Viscaria. I can say the True Carbon is faster than Viscaria. In terms of dwell time both have the same feeling and boh blades created a very spinny loop due to the dwell time. I find the True carbon has a low to medium throw compare to Viscaria which has a high throw. At the end of my testing and comparisons between the two blades, I choose the True carbon. Personal preference.
WayPer  on 3/23/2018

I am an intermediate (above average) FH looper who likes to end rallies with good FH spin placement. I also attack with my BH occasionally. Donic OTC is a good blade for attackers who also want good ball feel on controlled strokes like short pushes, flicks and blocks. For my style and level, the blade is best suited for medium or medium hard rubbers with 1.9 or 2.0 thickness, not max especially if you're an attacker who's looking for controlled loops. I don't think using max sponge rubbers for extra speed is necessary because the blade itself is already fast. I would rather focus on maximizing the blade's potential in terms of ball feel. However, I'm not saying that using max rubbers with this blade would automatically compromise your game. What I would like to point out is that if ever you feel that your rubber is too thick, bouncy or heavy for this blade, switching to rubbers with 1.9-2.0 thickness is the solution. It will not produce as much speed compared to max rubbers, but it will certainly increase your ball feel and stroke consistency. I used Tibhar Evolution MX-P (1.9-2.0) for my FH and Donic Baracuda (Max) for my BH. The setup for my FH provides the best balance of spin, speed, control and feel i've ever experienced for my playstyle and my level. It did not produce as much power compared to max sponge rubbers, but gave more feel and dwell. My serves were a lot more spinny with this setup because the ball did not rebound as fast as rubbers with max thickness. Blocks were also a lot easier with the thinner sponge. For my BH, counterhitting and looping was easy for me. It was also fairly easy to block fast and powerful attacks but hard for me to block slow and spinny topspins due to added spin sensitivity and lack of wood feel. Ok with flicking but not too spinny. Just enough to lift the ball. I'm planning to change my BH to Donic Baracuda with 2.0 thickness help me feel the blade better.
tabletennis11  on 7/19/2017

The Donic Ovtcharov True Carbon is an OFF-/OFF rated, very lightweight, and relatively stiff blade. It produces a very direct and intuitive feeling with the Waran short pips on BH drives. In fact, this is one of the most pleasant set-ups that I have used for BH drives - fast, yet excellent control. Interestingly, the feeling on the FH side - where I use the DHS Hurricane 8 rubber – is considerably number, suggesting that the feeling upon ball impact is more rubber dependent than with other blades. FH drives were, nonetheless, fast and executed with high levels of control. This feeling carried over to flat FH/BH hits and blocks, which are this blade’s strength. Blocks, especially on the FH side, are very stable as this blade/rubber combination absorbs most of the incoming kinetic energy and produces fast and flat blocks. BH blocking with the Waran short pips required proper timing in order not to overshoot the table. BH ‘loops’ with the short pips also benefitted from.... Read our full review here:
ttandi  4 days ago

very good blade, try it, fast with good control
MartyC  6 months ago

Very good blade , medium hard feel , best match with Baracuda and Killer Pro. I have 2 pcs 88 and 86 gramm. This ALC blade is by many compared with Butterfly Viscaria and evaluated as very close to this blade. I don´t know , i haven´t some experience with Viscaria , but I am satisfied with. Very balanced ratio control/pover , not very sensitive to incomming rotation.Blocking game significantly better as with my last blade , enough spin and what me surprissed - it is to dampening by passive strokes close to table. Edit 28.6.19: I am went back after while with another good blade. True Carbon is for me IMO very balanced - speed on the board , but at the table controll...controll...I am with this blade most agresive and dangerous. I optimized weight whole racket with Dawei C1 1,8mm - 176 gramm. Ideal for me at the table.

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