Donic Persson Power Carbon

Donic Persson Power Carbon Blade
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User Ratings (11)

Speed 9.4
Control 8.7
Stiffness 7.5   
Hardness 8.1   
Consistency 9.4   
Always identical
Overall 9.2 10
Manufacturer Details
Speed 10 / 10
Control 6.0 / 10
Weight 90g +/- 5g
Plies 9
Materials 7 plies wood, 2 plies Carbon
This model will convince all players relying on speed and aggressivity. Its basis is the successful Persson Powerspeed blade "made in Sweden" up-graded with two additional carbon layers. The result is a hyper fast power blade that is relatively soft and sensitive at the bounce and easy controllable due to the Senso V1 void in the handle.

DONIC Persson Power Carbon: The ideal weapon for aggressive attack players

Reviews (8)

ithem  on 3/17/2011

kayu yang sangat peka terhadap segala serangan lawan, kontrolnya sangat baik,,,saya sudah coba 10 kayu,,tapi kali ini sungguh saya mencintainya karena membawa permainanku jadi lebih sempurna
bizeizei  11 months ago

Very nice blade.. superb in control and ball placement.. speed n spin is's a very stiff blade better use soft rubber to get the most potential of it
sebastian  on 2/19/2012

este madero es extraordinario, tiene una velocidad impresionante y un control y sensación de primera calidad, antes jugaba con un joola flame extreme, era rápido pero no tenia mucho control , desde que uso este madero e mejorado notablemente la velocidad y el control!!! lo recomiendo es una madera sueca de la mejor calidad!!! -this blade is amazing, awesome and has a speed control and sense of quality, previously used an joola flame extreme, was fast but did not have much control, since I use this wood and greatly improved the speed and control! I recommend a Swedish wood of the highest quality!
The_Coach  on 1/22/2012

I'm surpised over the fantastic speed and control this blade delivers. If you play an offensive game and want to combine this blade with a fast rubber, do it! It will kick _ss!!! Personally I would like it to be a little bit bigger in size. Like the Michael Maze blade. There's more feeling in your shots with this hollow (Senso)handle than what you will get with a normal one.
kellogz21  on 8/3/2011

got this as my first carbon blade and i absolutely loved it.. i paired it with mark v rubbers and im able to generate great spin and faster push shots

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