Donic Testra AR

Donic Testra AR Blade
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Speed 7.6
Control 9.2
Stiffness 4.6   
Hardness 3.6   
Medium soft
Consistency 8.8   
Always identical
Overall 7.8 10
Manufacturer Details
Speed 6.0
Control 8.0
Weight 85g
There are 1 users using the Donic Testra AR.
Classic all-round construction with perfect ball control and carefully designed handle. Suitable for all types of playing styles. The ideal starter blade for competitive table tennis.

Reviews (2)

lNllClK  on 2/17/2012

I've been using the flared handle version of this blade with Friendship Cream Transcend 2.15mm on both sides for a couple of weeks as a transition from the pre-made store bought paddles, and I'm pretty happy with its performance so far. I have a feeling this is Donic's version of the Stiga Allround. There is vibration to it unless you hit it right in the sweet spot, which is good for knowing when you've hit correctly. It can be very controlled and accurate and also fast if you want it. It has just a little bit of flex, and the handle is a bit longer than what I'm used to, again similar to a Stiga flared legend handle. The wood on the handle is smooth and soft and also has a nice look to it, making for a pretty comfortable grip, but is maybe suited for larger hands. The blade is on the lighter side I think. The only complaint I have is that this blade is made in China as it says right on the box it came in, which can be misleading because I think all other Donic blades are made in Sweden. Whether that matters to you or not is your decision, but for an extra $5 or $10 you can have a Swedish made Donic or Stiga instead of this, or you can probably buy an LKT or similar brand for much cheaper and of the same quality... Overall though the blade combo is great and I think it will really help me transition to a higher level after using the pre-made paddles, it really is a middle-of-the-road blade suited for any playing style and a good choice for a beginner.
tomnet  on 8/28/2013

soft blade with good feeling. great for beginners

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