Donic Waldner Black Devil Carbon Balsa

Donic Waldner Black Devil Carbon Balsa Blade
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User Ratings (43)

Speed 9.4
Control 8.1
Stiffness 7.4   
Hardness 7.4   
Medium hard
Consistency 9.1   
Always identical
Overall 9.1 10
Manufacturer Details
Speed 95 / 100
Control 79 / 100
Weight 80g
Plies 7
Materials 5 plies of wood (contains Balsa); 2 plies of Carbon
There are 12 users using the Donic Waldner Black Devil Carbon Balsa.

Reviews (31)

kjain_aries  on 8/11/2017

Lot of people dont love the sound of the blade But i am in love with it :). I use it with Xiom Omega IV PRO fh and Xiom Vega Japan bh what i did not like about it was its face size .. its small.. but you will love the sound when you hit smash.. sound and speed :) you need good control and proper strokes to use this blade.
multispoke  on 4/3/2014

Had great hopes for this blade. After buying into carbon blades thought that balsa was going to save the day and give me the performance of carbon with the lightness of balsa. The one I got was 88grams so it was nothing like the quoted 80grams. !This blade was probably once of the worse blades that I bought. Had terrible trouble getting rubbers to stick to it. Handle was terrible and head size is small and the balance is a little off. Transferred the M1 rubbers over to it and they were too hard and didn't suit it at all. Did play against a guy who used this blade with T05s on both sides and he plays brilliantly but I couldn't get it to work. It's either a love or hate it blade.
Coen  on 12/15/2018

Makes pong sound. Best balsa carbon looping blade. Easy to reverse spin. Really good close to the table. Much easier to use then say an alc blade.
DiogoPadilha  on 3/11/2018

Its not a blade for beginners, be sure of this. A hard balsa + carbon blade that works better with soft rubbers, I used a Acuda Blue P2 on FH and had no problems in smashes and blocking, but had difficulty in create spin because of the "zero dwell time", serves were just OK. Its very light, but a little bit small on the top of the head. I was tired of miss the table trying to loop and top spin, so I changed to a all wood blade, my game increased a lot. Maybe its because Im not a expert or professional player, but this blade is very difficult to dominate. I think its not a good for reverse penhold players because its really smaller than other blades, it increases de chances for the ball hit the fingers when the player tries to make a reverse shot.
Gradipolo  on 11/10/2017

This ply is really good!! Your shots r very consistent with it but don't buy very fast rubbers even now also I use fast rubbers with it but when I will change my rubbers I will use some slower rubbers as it will improve ur game and u won't be dependent on ur rubbers for speed.This ply is good and is enough to be played with slower rubbers as this ply will handle the speed.If u will buy this ply plz use slow rubbers

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