Donic Waldner Diablo Senso

Donic Waldner Diablo Senso Blade
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Speed 8.1
Control 8.7
Stiffness 4.8   
Hardness 4.8   
Consistency 9.1   
Always identical
Overall 9.0 10
Manufacturer Details
Speed 85
Control 73
Weight 85
Plies 5
Materials Wood, glassfibre
Thickness 5.5mm
There are 2 users using the Donic Waldner Diablo Senso.
A devilishly good blade: 5-ply glueing (3 wooden plys, 2 glassfibre plys). For the versatile offensive player and for the aggressive allrounder. Quick, but very good ball control. Depending on the choice of the rubber sheet well suited for all levels.

A glass fibre blade which gives you the following advantages:

1. The blade gets even more stability by the glassfibre plies.
2. The sweet spot is enlarged considerably.
3. The implementation of glassfibre makes the blades more ridged and quicker.
4. Reduced weight.
5. Compared to carbon or kevlar models, the playing characteristics do not change dramatically.

Carbon blades give a relative hard and insensitive touch. Glassfibre however, gives you the same feeling as a all wood blade does.

Reviews (4)

superspin  on 11/27/2016

Nice handle, blade seem to have good balance towards the handle. A good blade for intermediate to advance level. Nice sweat spot given by glassfibre also feels very woody. You can play aggressive with fast rubbers . Overall excellent value for money , another fine blade for looping with control.
PierreAd  on 7/24/2015

A blade that's very close from the Waldner Senso "all wood" ones in terms of composition (the intermediate limba ply has been replaced here with a thin glassfiber ply). Versatile would be the word that describe this blade best. It's stiffer and a bit harder than the regular Waldner Senso, and thus far better for flat strokes. Still, the feeling on topspin is good, with a long enough dwell time (maybe thanks to the glassfiber, I don't know). I'd say this blade is an OFF-, don't find it faster than the WS, they just have a different feeling. This one is more direct and versatile when the WS would suite topspin-only players a bit better.
Hanif  on 2/8/2011

My Game Style: Loop on sight both wings, slow but can mixed it up. and keep it very tight when short. half distance is where i enjoy playing but better at counter blocking. not the greatest server but still can casue a issue or two. Set Up: FH desto F1 2.00mm BH Vario soft 2.00mm Glued up until ban. I love this blade so much. bought when first came out around 2000 and played with for 3 years until giving up. Great for looping but does lack a little when it come to smashing. lovely light waight and strong, have knocked it about a few times. would recommned for all round slow looper blocker with flare. not a outright speed demon. Thanks Hanif
WildcatTT  on 10/14/2008

I played with this one for a few years. As soon as I picked it up I was hooked. The control this blade offers is fantastic, and it's got just enough power to finish the point when you need it. I think this is a great blade for control loopers and allround type players.

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