Donic Waldner Dicon

Donic Waldner Dicon Blade
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User Ratings (10)

Speed 7.7
Control 9.0
Stiffness 4.2   
Hardness 4.8   
Consistency 9.4   
Always identical
Overall 9.0 10
Manufacturer Details
Speed 78 / 100
Control 76 / 100
Weight 82g
Plies 5
Materials Limba, Spruce, Ayous
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Reviews (4)

TT_Legends  on 10/20/2015

I used this blade at the time when JO used it winning his most important games. A year ago I started playing regularly again and Dicon is perfect for me. I am controlled attacker and Dicon gives me great control with very good speed and spin. FH Adidas P7 BH Coppa X1 Gold. Today this blade has very reasonable price 30USD and is higly recommended for intermidiate level players.
mmerkel  on 4/29/2010

I played with 729 Bomb and then Persson Powerplay Senso V1. This blade feels a lot like bomb, but with better feeling and more control. I can't see how it only has a 7.3 rating for speed. Especially in the lower gears it is quite a bit faster than the Persson, using the same rubbers. One thing I noticed, both rubbers (Palio Macro ERA and Air Scirocco SF) click a lot less than with the Persson. Overall, the sound is a lot more woody and low. In my opinion, either the Persson is overrated in speed or this one is underrated. I can really load up the spin with lots of feeling. Great blade.
botezatucezar  on 10/17/2009

Elastic , this is what I'm thinking when I hear of Dicon . EXCELLENT blade , not very fast but with tremendous control . You can feel the ball due it's senso capabilities on every shot . Works well with Donic Gallardo sound or speed . A "to have" blade in your collection because no matter how advanced you became with OFF+ blades you will want to play with it from time to time . Excelent for beginners/intermediate and not only . P.S. It's not a heavy bat , as they say , you won't feel il at all .
Leon  on 10/6/2011

It is my first blade after changing to shakehand grip. A coach recommended this. I liked this blade overall, but i moved on to a stiga blade. I really liked the control and the feel of the blade, not sure about the technical terms, but i can really feel the blade and rubbers while playing. I tried quite a few rubbers including "sriver-el" "Nittaku Narucross EX soft" "Hexer Duo" "flextra" "LKT PRO XT" "haifu 2". Hexer and Narucross worked well. The one that really crashed was LKT, it felt so dead on this blade while it is still pretty good on a stiga CR WRB blade. Do not expect too much on speed, but its quite good enough. Now comes the negatives. Im 177cm tall (asian), with normal hand size. While the control and feel is fantastic, the blade is too "small". I had the FL grip, the size of the grip + the reletively light weight, was the main reason for me to leave this blade. I dont prefer super gaint grip, but this FL, is just way too slim. To sum things up, it is a good blade with fantastic control and feel, work well with quite a few rubbers, but never, NEVA! get the FL grip :)

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