Donic Waldner Dotec Hinoki

Donic Waldner Dotec Hinoki Blade
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Speed 9.2
Control 8.9
Stiffness 6.1   
Hardness 6.9   
Medium hard
Consistency 10.0   
Always identical
Overall 9.5 10
Manufacturer Details
Speed 94 / 100
Control 87 / 100
Weight 90g
Plies 7
Materials 3 plies of Hinoki
Thickness 8.5mm
There are 2 users using the Donic Waldner Dotec Hinoki.
DONIC Waldner Dotec Hinoki DONIC's Waldner Dotec Hinoki blade consists of a specially-glued combination of three hinoki plies.

The thicker hinoki inner ply provides the necessary rigidity and speed, whereas the thinner hinoki outer plies give exceptional control when returning the ball. The fine, but hard, plies give the blade its exceptional speed, with good control and exceptional feel.
It is suitable for combining many different strokes, which is why it is named after Waldner- who plays the most - varied game of anyone! The Dotec handle guarantees extraordinary comfort and feel.

Reviews (4)

JimT  on 10/25/2010

This is a very unique blade. First of all, 3-ply all Hinoki blades can be counted on one hand, literally. Second, it's pretty thick - 8 mm. Thirdly, Dotec handle on one hand is extremely comfortable, but on the other hand, takes a lot of time getting used to it due to its unusual curve. The fact that the blade angle is closed more than usual on FH and opened a tad more on BH makes for some interesting changes, and certainly requires adjustment. It helps a lot with FH looping and BH flat game but hurts BH on-the-table short game and BH looping. If you have a few weeks and you can fully adjust to it, you will be glad you did. If we forget about Dotec handle then this blade literally combines in it all the pluses of 1-ply Hinoki with the advantages of 3-5 ply more flexible blades. It attacks and blocks and loops great with great control in short game covering all styles from ALL+ thru OFF. It is rather pricey and Donic seems to have stopped manufacturing it, but if you can get used to the Dotec handle, this is the best of that bunch.
Andrey Shindler  on 8/31/2010

Hi, I have this Donic dince yesterday, I am a off player., but with this Hinoki I also can defend and it's very accurate when I am returning the ball back. I can feel every ball where it hit on Hinoki. I recommed to anyone who plays off game and need to defend sometimes.
Oldboy  on 9/6/2008

Wow, look at that price tag. Wow, look at that handle. Wow, look at that topspin! It truly is a case of money vs. performance. I do not regret buying this blade BUT I am not sure if I would be up to buying another down the road. For me, I am a Hinoki nut. I love the feel and pretty much refuse to use other woods now. The Hinoki is perfectly layered and gives you that lovely and unique feel. The handle is great, it looks comfortable and feels the same as it looks. It has the speed and control that two-winged loopers like me dream of. Very consistent, no "What the..." moments at all. If you can't afford it or if you prefer carbon or any other kind of wood, just stay away because it might disappoint, but if you have the cash and the Hinoki blood running through your veins than pick this up and put your opponents to shame.
Ninja  on 7/8/2008

A very good blade for almost any offensive style. It has very good touch, but also has the speed and flex for good pace and spin from any distance. The ergonomically designed handle felt comfortable in my hand straight away, although i noticed the bulge where it sits in your palm did subtly change the way i would normally fold my wrist while looping on the backhand, but it didn't take long to get used to and if anything actually improved my shot. I use fairly tacky Chinese rubbers, and so typically play quite close to the table; this blade hasn't compromised that at all, but it has made me far more dangerous from the deep. The blade is light, vibrates enough to give good feedback, but not enough to distract and has a large and powerful sweet-spot. It is exceptionally well put together and of very high quality, but the downside to this is of course the price. I was lucky enough to receive this as a gift, but for that amount of money it's almost inevitable that you could find something cheaper, which would behave at least similarly. But, as a now officially cured EJ (at least as far as blades go), if you have the money - or a wealthy sugar-mommy - and know what to expect from Donic's unique Dotec handles, then this is an absolutely brilliant weapon to own.

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