Donic Waldner Senso Carbon

Donic Waldner Senso Carbon Blade
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User Ratings (76)

Speed 8.3
Control 8.8
Stiffness 5.3   
Hardness 5.6   
Consistency 8.7   
Always identical
Overall 9.1 10
Manufacturer Details
Speed 85 / 100
Control 79 / 100
Weight 80g
Plies 7
Materials 5 plies of wood; 2 plies of Carbon
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Reviews (47)

bigsimgame  on 5/6/2017

I bought this blade Waldner Senso Carbon (WSC) and the Waldner Ultra Senso Carbon (WUSC) at the same time and put Tibhar 5Q 2.1mm for FH side and FX-P 2.1mm for BH side on both blades. Both bare blades weight 85g so both paddles weight 178g with rubbers on. On WUSC the third, center and fourth layers have the same thickness. On WSC, the center layer is thick with 4 much thinner outer layers like regular 5 layer blades. The carbon is also next to the center layer on both blades. This comment has a lot of comparison with WUSC because I played with WUSC first. So please read my comment about WUSC also if you want to decide which blade to get. It has a lot of feeling but less woody than WUSC because the carbon layer is very close to the surface. It feels a little more head heavy when I move the blade. I am sure it is due to the higher flex that produce more inertia. It is a bit slower than WUSC. WSC excels in different ways. It is better at low to medium gear. Short game is better than WUSC due to the flex and feeling. I can instantly adjust based on the feeling. Whenever the ball is coming a little slow I will brush a fast return to pressure the opponent Away from table it takes more effort to drive the ball. The flex offers longer dwell and higher throw angle than WUSC. Smashing is still good but feels softer than WUSC. Looping chopped ball is easier however I think the spin is a little less than WUSC and the arc is a little longer. Looping under spinning requires different stroke. I make a more direct hit close to bottom of the ball. Counter topspin is not as easy as WUSC. Overall it is a more forgiving blade then WUSC. This blade is good for player who want to try carbon blades the first time and keep improving their skill They are both great blades. I am glad I bought them together which helped me understand more about my natural style. For now I am leaning toward WUSC with softer rubber to get more wood feeling but I am keeping both of them.
waterboyd  on 8/3/2016

this blade is not 5-plies, it is 7-plies thickness about 5.55mm (Limba0.5mm*2, Ayous0.5mm*2, Carbon0.025mm*2, Ayous center ply3.5mm). All plies made from soft wood. Overall blade is very good flex for top spin, carbon layers are very thin and placed third ply, leave blade feel natural wood and increase sweet spot. I have been using this slow carbon blade with Tenergy05 both sides its weight 177g, I feel speed medium high, spinny easy, so great all-round blade, perfect for me.
doru72  on 2/6/2016

Lemn foarte bun cu un control mare, se potrivește cu multe tipuri de fețe !!! Stimă.
qvoliszz  on 1/14/2016

My first composite blade ever. I sticked with it for a year, then I left it for Maze Passion. My blade was 87 gr. This blade is categorised OFF-, but I rather say It is AR+ due to the soft touch and flexibility. Works well with all Bluefire rubbers, Joola MAXXX 500, Tenergy 05, DHS Tinarc 3. The main point is to equip it with nearly the same rubbers in hardness and weight, or else the blade will resonate hard. I found many times, that the blade did not had the rigidity to support a harder rubber like JP 01 when hitting. This feels like you are just hitting with the rubber surface, but where is the sponge and the power? Even with M2 the setup becomes very head heavy, which was good for my bakchand, but gave a slide curve to my forehand loops. But because the elasticity of the blade it is a very nice looping blade up to middle court with high throw and big spin. close to the table the sofness comes in handy when blocking or placing the ball. the neck of the blade is a very wide, and the handle goes in to the head deep. The head is butterfly shaped, but the handle protrudes into it 2mm. I had to sand down the neck of the blade to match the Butterfly neck shape, and the blade become a bit more flexible with even more spin. I really loved this blade, it made me feel nothing was impossible to mid distance, but after that my shots became weak. So this was the reason I went to faster blades.
pablogb  on 11/15/2013

Absolutely love this blade! Moved from primorac to this as my level increased, and I don't regret it one bit. I use a pair of barracuda's and it's really great for looping. It's also great for blocking. The handle (fl) is reallly comfortable, the best I've tried. Gonna buy a second blade, just in case, cuz I intend to use the Waldner Senso Carbon for a looong time!

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