Donic Waldner Ultra Senso Carbon

Donic Waldner Ultra Senso Carbon Blade
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User Ratings (40)

Speed 8.4
Control 8.6
Stiffness 5.2   
Hardness 5.7   
Consistency 9.0   
Always identical
Overall 8.8 10
Manufacturer Details
Speed 10 / 10
Control 7.0 / 10
Weight 80g
Plies 7
Materials Carbon
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Jan-Ove Waldner has been to table tennis what Mozart is to music. Waldner was a fan of the standard blade DONIC Waldner Senso Carbon for many years. This legendary blade has, however, been further developed and improved, in collaboration with the greatest table tennis player of all time. DONIC has designed a faster version of the Waldner Carbon blade. The Waldner Ultra Carbon is a light Carbon blade with impressive ball control and feel - ideal for an inspirational player. The increase in speed is due to hard Carbon plies which have been placed around a relatively thin middle veneer. The inner and outer veneers with varied hardness give this blade superb touch - typical of Waldner.

Reviews (26)

ExploreTT  on 2/6/2017

If you are an intermediate or even beginner player, this blade can do wonders for you :) It is good for everything you can think of. However, it is of great importance to beware what rubbers you put on. If you put on rubbers with soft or even medium sponge, it will come out slow, because the carbon layer is placed deep within the wood and it is harder to activate it. But to compensate that, this is a great opportunity for short games or away from the table when the carbon activates on harder strokes/punches. So if you manage to put the right rubbers on it, you are going places with it. Durability is great. Very good blade for me and I think it is worth a try for a lot of people. But to be honest I don't think that it is that good for intermidiate and advanced players. Update: After some time I realized that this blade lack some kick in speed and I have to put very fast and hard rubbers on it to play my offensive style of game effectively so I decided to move on to another blade. Also its quality is not that good in comparison to other blades. In my perspective this blade is not OFF or manufactured OFF+ rate but I think it's actually OFF-. And I've noticed in other Donic products that their rating system is not very accurate and they always make their products seem faster than they actually are (since they use terms like OFF++ which don't really exist). Nevertheless it's still a great blade.
jokohama  on 5/6/2013

Yes, this blade is not for beginners. In fact, it is really fast, has a very good control, very good feeling, dwell time, very sensitive, overall - very complete and balanced blade, for a loop-oriented play. I was searching for a blade that would fit my style - I'm a little bit advanced allround player, have a strong BH loop (can make BH loop-kill, also a banana-flick), strong and stable FH loop with many gears (from slow and very spinny to a fast loop-kill), I do the strong flat hitting both from FH and BH - especially a strong flat punch-block on BH, stable blocking and counter-blocking from BH and FH, also have a delicate touch, variable services, fast legs, pretty developed technique and etc. So my dream blade was a carbon blade (for larger sweet spot), very sensitive (I like to feel a ball), with good dwell (for looping with many gears), stiff enough (for flat hitting and blocking), with good control (for tactical play), with good speed (for kill shots). And what do You think? Donic WSUC have all these qualities! I've paired it with a Tibhar Sinus Sound Max. on BH and Yasaka Rakza 7 Soft 2.0 mm on FH. Rakza 7 Soft on WSUC has so much spin, that even very advanced players encounter problems when controlling my spinny loops. Also on that blade it has rare "can't miss" feeling. Sinus Sound on WSUC has an outstanding feeling, linearity on my BH and very good power looping abilities. One important moment - WSUC is a little bit head-heavy due to its handle design, while using light rubbers, it's not a problem. I thing head heaviness is much better for looping. Definitely it's a loopers dream! Perfect balance for advanced allround play! Finally about the speed. I've read some reviewers rate it very fast, some rate it not so fast at all. Well, the secret lies in that blade's perfect balance and versatility. It means that You can make a very sensitive short touch with that blade, even play a defensive style, vary the game gears much - but when You are on straight attack, a fast and technical stroke releases a BEAST sleeping inside. It can be very powerful when using proper technique. Perfect blade for a modern "power allround" attacker with good technique and fast legs.
jbgwtf  on 5/29/2015

nice balance speed=control.. great for close and far away from table.. its good for loopers.. but its not for beginers.. upd.. i put rakza 7 soft 2.0 and its very nice for short game , and u can have strange angles, but in my style it needs speed for backhand hits, for spin is ok.. for forhand i had strange feeling like my blade is to light... with tibhar 1q dont have consistency, and its soft feeling, but with tenergy 05 its like a dream
mike69  on 10/4/2014

Versatile and easy to play carbon blade. Stiff enough for blocks and smashes. Flexible enough for topspins. Soft woody feeling thanks to limba outer ply. Huge amount of control and sensations. Overall the WSUC is a great blade at reasonable price. NB: it tends to be head-heavy so you better chose a lightweight one and/or go for lightwheight rubbers
6655au  on 9/12/2012

After experimenting with stiffer and harder blades (Stiga tube carbo, DHS-PG7, Yasaka -d)ynamix) went back to softer, wood feeling carbon blades (Butterfly-balsa carbo 5, Butterfly Maze off, Donic-Waldner SUC). Allways use the same combo of rubbers (Xiom Sigma europe on FH, Globe 888 (MP) with japanise sponge on BH). Overall testing gave me the final conclusion: DWUSC is unbeatable in all perfomances I need for my control agressive playing!! Whatever I choose during the game I realized; agressive shots on the both sides, passive/active blocking, pushing, serving, looping, driving...everything works perfect from each part of the arena !! Must also say that I cut the head to the shape of Butterfly-Balsa carbo 5, and solved the problem of head heavines. The time for experiments is now over-this is my final choice!!

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