Donic Wosik Senso Carbon

Donic Wosik Senso Carbon Blade
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User Ratings (9)

Speed 9.4
Control 7.4
Stiffness 7.0   
Hardness 7.4   
Medium hard
Consistency 8.3   
Always identical
Overall 8.7 10
Manufacturer Details
Speed 10 / 10
Control 7.0 / 10
Weight 90g
Plies 5
Materials Carbon
An extremely fast and powerful offensive blade.
In modern table tennis the opportunity must be taken to win the point during a fast rally.
One must attack and win the point at every opportunity. Aggressive and continued attack is ensured by the light carbon material and the hard and softer plies, without losing the famous control of the DONIC Senso blades.

Reviews (8)

igszoctan  on 7/1/2012

Nice ballance between speed and control. Ovtcharov Senso Carbon that is. It has got 7plies!
tropic1  on 4/24/2012

Wosik Senso Carbon with Acuda S2 Max on both sides and I am very impressed with the speed, control and feel. I was looking for a replacement and 2nd paddle for my Butterfly Keyshot (original). Top-spin, push, block, counter-loop, loop fast or slow this paddle does it all. I don't chop much so I can't comment. If you like head-heavy paddle set-ups then this fits the bill. My racket weighed in at 94 grams. I've tried the Waldner Ultra Senso Carbon with similar set-ups one of them had S1 and the other S2. I felt the Wosik was a tad bit slower and more control, but some websites rated it much higher than the WUSC. The WUSC makes you close the blade more when generating more speed on your stroke and when blocking, the Wosik remains more open, which is more my style. For the price of this blade I should've gotten 2. I am now a committed Donic diehard enthusiast for life. I love my BTY Keyshot, but its very picky with different rubbers and its time for it to retire.
Anonymous  on 5/20/2011

Lol. Although Chuan Chih-Yuan have migrated to butterfly and has the new Chuan Chih-Yuan blade under butterfly, actually, he is still using this one, just with the Bty version's handle.....
Anonymous  on 11/30/2010

Maybe it is the best carbon of Donic blades. Very fast but still having good control. When you pair traditional rubbers, it has a good touch but still remain fast speed. It can also pair with formula rubbers; what will happen is great spin and grate power for mid-distance looping. Recommanded for hitters and close-to-table attackers.
Anonymous  on 9/15/2010

Excellent blade in the Donic family. Quick re- bounce; stable attack and light body gives you amazing feel and powerful shots. The blade is a stiff and fast but still have very nice control. It surprised me. Make an amazing spiny and powerful combination with Donic F family rubbers or form a stable and fast combination with classic rubbers.

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