Dr. Neubauer Barricade DEF

Dr. Neubauer Barricade DEF Blade
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Speed 5.5
Control 9.4
Stiffness 2.7   
Some flex
Hardness 2.3   
Consistency 9.5   
Always identical
Overall 8.7 10
Manufacturer Details
Speed 68
Control 95
Weight 52
Plies 7
There are 7 users using the Dr. Neubauer Barricade DEF.
This blade has been conceived for all players defending away from the table. BARRICADE DEF is also very effective for short blocking close to the table. Especially those players using long pimples and seeking a slow blade for maximum spin reversal will be enchanted by BARRICADE DEF. It enables very safe and yet dangerous chopping thanks to its relatively slow speed.

BARRICADE DEF offers an excellent control and outstanding effectiveness for all rubber types: Maximum spin reversal can be reached when used with long pimples. With reversed rubbers or short pimples you can reach high rotation while chopping with BARRICADE DEF.

On top of this you can attack through looping or hitting in order to confuse your opponent.

To sum it up BARRICADE DEF provides an optimal balance between control and effectiveness for all passive and active strokes.

Reviews (7)

Ph4ntom  on 11/30/2013

The best defensive blade ever for someone who loves high flex and balsa feeling. Very light, the softest feeling ever seen, huge control... Definitely an amazing creation from The Doc! Of course, Barricade shines at chopping but it is an excellent blade for blocking and it has enough power to counter-attack or kill any point. I do not suffer any lack of power while attacking; that's why Barricade Def is the best blade for modern defense to me... I use to play with Vega Pro (1,8mm) on forehand and LP on backhand. Underspin seem to be increased by blade conception: pushes and chops are amazingly hard to loop. A tactical weapon, made for defensive players who like soft and high flex baldes with max control and very good offensive power. AWESOME
migzTT  on 4/25/2013

I am a modern defender, and contrary to what most people say, this blade is effective far away from the table. You just need rubbers with a high throw angle. And you dont have to worry about weighing it down with thick, heavy rubbers since its very light. My setup uses H3(2.2mm) and TSP Curl p-1(1.3mm). I can chop with so much control and attack with speed thanks to the H3. The only bad thing about the blade is its durability. You can easily dent the sides with you nails. Nevertheless, great blade for a modern defender imo.
vanjr  on 11/15/2009

This is the slowest and softest blade I have ever used. I eventually traded it. It may work for a totally passive close the the table blocking game, but I don't think any rubber you put on it could hit an outright winner against anyone rated 1500 USATT. Expensive, but nice workmanship. Modern defenders should not waste their time or money on this one.
Rockstazy  on 10/11/2017

Superb control with LP in OX, massive spin with inverted rubber (I used Baracuda)
tommyr22  on 4/1/2017

Im a close to the table blocker. A tactical player who uses SP on FH and inverted on backhand. Sometimes i switch them for serve variation or 3rd ball attacking underspin. THIS IS THE BEST BLADE IVE EVER OWNED. It solves every problem ive ever had......First off its oversized so i cut off extra head size to make it a normal size and then i sanded it. I always struggled with any setup over 140 grams (which for most people is already light). I use a 2 finger shakehand grip and have to adjust when i switch to backhand. With this blade and Desto F3 with spectol i have made a blade thats 117 grams....a perfect speed for close to table blocking and countering. Blade isnt very flexy but with soft rubbers my backhand flicks always land. There not as dynamic as with a blade like Walder Senso but they land.....ANY close to table Blocker should be using this blade.....its still more than fast enough and the reduction in weight will make your transition from FH to BH twice as fast. Cork handle is awesome....very light....and after using Waldner Senso....Nexy CAlix 2....Yinhe t 11....Palio Cat.....Waldner Ultra....Donic Feat nothing compared to this for lightness and control. and Yes you can hit off the table with it too..........in a sport where there arent enough blades in the 50 gram weight class this blade is KINg!

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