Dr. Neubauer Bloodhound

Dr. Neubauer Bloodhound Blade
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Speed 8.0
Control 10.0
Stiffness 7.0   
Hardness 6.7   
Medium hard
Consistency 10.0   
Always identical
Overall 9.0 10
Manufacturer Details
Weight 77
There are 2 users using the Dr. Neubauer Bloodhound.
BLOODHOUND is an interesting alternative for many long pimple or Anti-Spin players seeking a relatively slow blade. It comes with carefully selected plywood material including Spruce, Ayous and also carbon layers ensuring high efficacy when used with this type of rubbers. Both the spin reversal obtained while blocking with frictionless Anti-Spin rubbers and the wobbly ball produced by long pimples set a new benchmark: The speed of the ball can be reduced considerably thus ensuring maximum effectiveness with this type of rubbers. BLOODHOUND is an ALL- blade that does not consist of balsa yet offers excellent control. The blade is well balanced so that all types of attacking techniques can be produced with inverted rubbers or offensive pimple-out rubbers on the other side. Finally BLOODHOUND is also a good choice for a modern defensive game that is not only based on chopping but also on attacking shots.

Reviews (2)

bjohnson0718  4 months ago

I use this blade for modern defense with Tsp P4 0.6 sponge with attacking inverted on forehand max thickness. Blade feels soft even with the carbon. Reversal and chopping are nice and attacks are strong and the the stiffness allows for great control of blocks. I have many defensive blades but this is my go to. I reccomend especially for pips with sponge.
OzgurKilic  9 months ago

Very good blade, using with ABS2 2.1mm on BH side and Victas VO102 SP 1.8 mm on the FH. Blocks are very short and deceptive, control is wondeful. There is also enough speed for attacking.

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