Dr. Neubauer Firewall Plus

Dr. Neubauer Firewall Plus Blade
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User Ratings (19)

Speed 8.3
Control 9.0
Stiffness 5.9   
Hardness 3.8   
Medium soft
Consistency 8.2   
Always identical
Overall 8.9 10
Manufacturer Details
Speed 82
Control 92
Weight 65
Plies 5
There are 4 users using the Dr. Neubauer Firewall Plus.
This enhancement of our best-selling allround blade has a slightly modified plywood composition and still offers an excellent control.

FIREWALL PLUS enables a dynamic offensive game with reversed rubbers or short pimples. The ball can be accelerated easily for both hitting and looping thanks to its balsa core.

This blade also offers a very good feeling for all passive strokes. It produces high spin reversal and fast attacking possibilities through aggressive pushing or lifting when used with long pimples.

Reviews (11)

swiatexcela  on 8/15/2017

The blade is very light, soft and thick but it`s simultaneously stiff, bouncy and much faster than the producer quotes. I don`t agree with a thesis that it works out for passive playing – it`s a different kettle of fish than Barricade. IMHO this one has been created for aggressive playing by backhand and forehand hitting. If a huge control and keeping the ball on the table is your priority Firewall Plus is not a good choice for you. Even if you apply a slow OX long pips, you must count with losing many points by own mistakes. From the other side the big advantage is the blade allows you to win many points very easy thanks to subtle pushes and slices. Thanks to its speed your opponent has little time to react so it provokes him for making unforced errors. Firewall Plus matches well with OX Sauer & Troger long pips as well as short pips and hard sponge inverted rubber like Xiom Vega Pro. The blade is unpredictable and it can be a lifeline to win a game against advanced player who is experienced in battles against long pips players.
genrel001  on 11/23/2016

I am a penholder and I use this blade with inverted rubbers on both sides. Its control is amazing, good for playing over the table (use thin rubber 1.5-2.0mm) to mid distance (use MAX rubber), great for pushing, chop and, to my amaze, even loops. But where it really excels the most for me is counter-topspin attacks from mid-distance, it's just so smooth and everything falls onto the table. It also has that kick from mid-distance with amazing spin (using Mark V XS). It's really an ALL blade capable of both offense and defense, pips or inverted. You can never go wrong with this one.
Omut  on 12/11/2014

I also recently switched to this blade after playing with slower thin hard blades. I also thought that it was designed for passive play and it too fast for active ox LP game. But I recently discovered that its comfortable low throw, unique spin insensitiveness, precise height and direction control allows to push and hit much more agressively starting from service recieve. This blade also chops with very good control. I suggest to use hard sponge rubber without catapult effect on pips-in side of the blade.
pippy  on 6/11/2015

I have returned to this blade again as I have found my slower blades to be a little too slow against better caliber players. Is it worth the price and is it right for me? Perhaps if you want to play passively as a pushblocker, just like the Pushblocker himself! Hes still my favorite player. Like other faster blades it will block a little longer than compared to a slower blade. However, it will allow faster pushes. Thus there is a trade-off but it appears that this has the optimal combination of blocking most hard attacks yet possessing a sudden quickness that a passive player can utilize on the spot. More aggressive players may make more errors so it may be ideal for passive style. I have tweaked the blade with a slower/thinner fh rubber and currently I find the new dtecs oxlp to be the more controllable disturbing bh pips. I find the talon to give weirder balls but its harder for me to control and return serve. Also, it is very stiff as it will totally turn in my hand under a jolting attack if very close to the table unlike a slower,flexible blade. But off the table, it blocks and chops effectively, low and fast, giving more trouble to the attacker. It feels unique as it absorbs the impact and perhaps there is some dwell too, then it spits it out quickly. Sounds unique with balsa. The blade manuvers and feels great even with a thicker handle and 1cm thickness and oversized face. update: I got immediate results vs the better players but you have to take advantage of its speed for pushes which takes practice...and just one more thing, it is hands down even better than my R2's which I adore, the block with dtecs is low, linear, fast and disturbing! Nothing beats that!
PaletaDeFierro  3 months ago

La tengo en versión lapicero, lo primero que se nota es lo extremadamente liviana, frágil que se ve, y gruesa, aunque lo más notorio es el pequeño tamaño de la pala, incluso menos a las C-Pen (tengo una Yasaka Double Face TO). La uso con una Nittaku Moristo SP Max (FH) y DHS Skyline TG 3 esponja naranja (BH) y realmente funciona bien, tiene un control espectacular de forma activa y pasiva, en el pasivo devuelve la bola con un agradable movimiento impredecible y con una ángulo muy plano. Golpear es fácil de derecho, aunque al pegar fuerte pega "demasiado fuerte" y hay que aprender a controlarse, era mucho más fácil con la DHS PG3, pero era lo único mejor. El revés con la DHS es excelente, mucho efecto y velocidad. La madera es genial, no molesta su grosor, pero si reclamo su pequeño tamaño.

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