Dr. Neubauer Matador

Dr. Neubauer Matador Blade
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Speed 8.0
Control 10.0
Stiffness 7.0   
Hardness 8.2   
Consistency 10.0   
Always identical
Overall 10.0 10
Manufacturer Details
Speed 93 / 100
Control 90 / 100
Weight 88
Plies 7
Materials Walnut Outter Plies. Kiri within
Thickness 5.9mm
MATADOR: The new offensive blade for use with pimple-out/Anti-Spin

This new development has been conceived for players using pimple-out or Anti-Spin rubbers that have a preference for fast blades, yet require a high level of control and disruptive effect.

The special plywood composition of MATADOR provides astounding power for a modern attacking game. Fast topspin shots as well as looping with a lot of rotation are both very easy to perform.

It is one of the very few OFF blades on the market that also produce a distinctive disruptive effect when used with pimple-out or Anti-Spin rubbers.

Most importantly this blade produces the low bounce that all pimple-out or Anti-Spin players are traditionally looking for. This holds true while blocking passively with long pimples as well as for chop-blocking close to the table.

When used with offensive pips-out rubbers this blade provides all you need for a powerful and highly effective attacking game.

MATADOR is relatively rigid yet still provides a remarkable “touch” for the ball, offering a surprisingly good control for all playing strokes.

MATADOR - A "must have" for aggressive pimple-out/Anti-Spin players!

Reviews (1)

GenElectric  on 7/30/2014

One of the best blades for long pips i have ever tried! Being one of the first people to get this blade (as of July 25th), I should thank Dr. for this amazing product. The first week I used Joola Xplode max on FH and Grass Dtechs OX on BH. I found this blade has absolute control and defense against powerful loops, allows much more reversal than you expect on a wooden blade and also consistent attack against backspin or dead balls opponents throw, this is rare as wooden blades dont usually have much spin reversals. Has similar feel as Petr Korbel but with less power. So I replaced Xplode with Tenergy 80, Now the blade feels a little heavier and ofcourse MUCH more power without of losing much control. Now this is a near perfect long pip blade with good control and power for both defense and offense. Only downside is the power and reversal can be further improved by adding 2 extra plies of harder plies within or increase the thickness of the Walnut outterply.

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