Galaxy T-7

Galaxy T-7 Blade
Approx. $ 40 USD
Price $

User Ratings (15)

Speed 8.3
Control 8.8
Stiffness 6.3   
Hardness 6.1   
Medium hard
Consistency 9.6   
Always identical
Overall 9.1 10
Manufacturer Details
Materials Carbon-arylate
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Reviews (10)

qvoliszz  on 2/28/2017

When testing this blade first I looked at the price tag, then the composition and possible clones. This blade is composed of hinoki outer plies with kiri core and arylate carbon middle layers. Well except the composite it looks like a Butterfly Photino Light (it has ZLF). Characteristics are same, but slower, and less vibrating. Handle is comfortable, blade is around 6,7 mm thick. During play I tested it with an older sheet a of TinArc 3 and a Sriver. For playing style my blade was an ALL+/OFF- blade, with kind of a soft touch like Michael Maze blade. When I needed tempo the blade had it, so smashes and power loops work well. The blade is good with rubbers from soft to hard sponges. Control is excellent in every kind of hit/block/loop. As for the price I can only say, this is a good blade with fine characterictics, but not close to be a substitute/clone of other blades. UPDATE! Tested with Boosted Three Sword Red Dragon (FH and BH), and boosted Yinhe Moon (FH and BH). Both compositions are mentionable. very good setups for beginner and (euro)chinise loving players. Easy to handle and dinamic enough to be AR+/OFF-. So if you are a starter/hobby player/chinese lover, try this blade. Update 2017! Also tried it with boosted Baracuda and B. Big Slam. This is a very nice setup giving the baracuda a firm, but flexible support. Tempo is OFF-, spin is insane, touch is delicate. Every loop and hit lands on the table. I can only recommend it.
speedheifetz  on 8/19/2011

This is a very nice and cheap blade. The craftsmanship is very good and it is about 85 to 90 gr. The blade is very good close to the table and in mid distance. The control is very high for an off- blade. Blocking and driving are very simple, spinning is still good even the blade is stiff. I play it with baracuda on forehand and with ox pimples zeitgeist on backhand close to the table. This combination works very good. For the quality the blade is very cheap. In comparison to the T-6 it is a little bit slower with more control. A great cheap off- blade.
RealBow  on 4/2/2017

My Yinhe T-7 weighs 89g. It is way faster than my long played Stiga TUBE Off, but it's not less controlled. Spin is extraordinary, opening with soft spins is pretty easy. Blocking really safe, only pushing is a bit hard, but it is good enough to lay a push back and then getting it on. Really good blade. I played it with Palio Blit'z max/black on fh (which is similar to Yasaka Rakza 9) and CTT national hero 2mm red on bh.
Trainee  on 2/27/2017

YinHe T-7. ALL+ to OFF. A Nice blade with very enjoyable play and average stiffness. The Hinoki outer and ALC fiber increases the grip in spiny strokes like loop and push and you can create consistent and sure heavy loop with it. in other side kiri core causes to create amazing smash and counter-block. T-7 produces high throw angle but the sweet-spot is small and the upper side of blade is not accurate.I tested it with Acuda Blue P1 and Nanoflex FT45 ; both was match. The blade was some heavy for me (90g).
emelo  on 5/10/2014

90g This blade is amazing. Similar to ZLC, but slightly slower. T7 is versatile and consistent, with decent top speed.

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