Galaxy U2004 (U-4)

Galaxy U2004 (U-4) Blade
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User Ratings (7)

Speed 7.5
Control 8.0
Stiffness 7.0   
Hardness 6.7   
Medium hard
Consistency 7.5   
Always identical
Overall 8.0 10
Manufacturer Details
Speed 7.0 / 10
Control 9.0 / 10
Weight 84g +/- 2g
Plies 5
Thickness 6.0mm +/- 0.2mm
There are 1 users using the Galaxy U2004 (U-4).
Said to be a clone of the Stiga Offensive Classic CR WRB. The U-4 has a hollow handle.

Reviews (5)

hagupi  on 12/18/2014

It's not a stiga cr clone cuz I own both blades and really this blade has to be paired with soft rubbers otherwise you'll lose feedback. i used it a long time with H3 prov FH and changed many times my BH cuz i couldn't find a rubber to fit until i put butterfly flextra and it was really good. I would not recommend this blade anyway and no sweat cuz they stopped selling it ;)
Anonymous  on 10/4/2011

Very controllable blade, tested this with Yasaka Mark V, the same rubber I use to test all my blades. It's got good all-wood control and feeling, perhaps thanks to the hollow in the handle; works very well for someone looking for a first blade, or looking to try something different.
P.H.Wilson  on 7/28/2011

Well, most people think that it is just a clone. i think it is stiffer than stiga OC, it is more powerful, u can see it is thicker.
seguso  on 10/9/2010

Who says this is a clone of Stiga Offensive CR WRB obviously does not own a Stiga Offensive CR WRB. Stiga OCR is flexible, galaxy U4 is stiff. You can also see at a glance that galaxy u4 is much thicker (and that's why it is less flexible). The materials look the same, and the UV treatment looks the same, but they play a lot different because of the difference in flexibility. Galaxy is not as good as Stiga OCR for looping and for returning underspin. Galaxy U4 weighs 83 grams, stiga OCR WRB weighs 89 grams.
Anonymous  on 9/16/2010

its a stiga cr clone-probably a steal!

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