Galaxy W-6

Galaxy W-6 Blade
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User Ratings (31)

Speed 8.0
Control 8.9
Stiffness 4.1   
Hardness 5.2   
Consistency 9.3   
Always identical
Overall 8.9 10
Manufacturer Details
Weight 86g
Plies 5
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Reviews (24)

cole_ely  on 3/15/2008

Disclaimer...this is a blade I import and sell. This is the blade I use personally. As stated by tommy it is formulated like the Yasaka Extra and it looks itentical other than the handle. It's a great looping blade that adds to topspin nicely. It also has a fantastic tone that resonates perfectly with a speed glued rubber like a sounding board. This is my "violin." It's not fast or stiff enough to play a close to the table, chinese style, serve and attack game. This is very much a euro looping blade. That said, both ma lin and wang hao used the YE for years in penhold so go figure. Of course they used 45deg sponge dripping in speed glue.
baleeds  on 4/19/2017

Overall, if you like to place blocks easily, and prefer to control loops with spin, rather than overpower with speed, then this is a nice blade for you. To start with, the construction is really nice for a blade at this price point. The handle is very comfortable and large enough to grip properly. The wings are not sanded, but that's an easy fix. The touch is really nice, giving you an extra moment to make that split second adjustment. The only problem with this effect is that it absorbs some of the force that you would rather be putting on the ball during a stronger hit. Because of this, I feel that the blade has a high range of gears. Soft hits are soft (not much to do with the blade I guess), blocks are extremely easy to place, hits are pretty average, but strong hits and loops are doable. It's definitely not a fast blade. I'm using the Tibhar Stratus Power Wood now, and I feel its an obvious step up in power, though not unreasonable. Played with Air Illumina 1.9 on both sides.
Obi  on 5/24/2015

5 plies wood, weight 86 g, 5.5 mm thick, reviewed with Friendship Cream Transcend 2.0 mm. This blade is for allround game, speed is between all+ and off-, great control and great spin capability. I would recommend it for those who play loop game and seek more spin then raw speed. Backhand and forehand loop of higher or lower arc are delight to see or feel. This is a do it all blade but not for smashers. On the other side, I'm more then pleased with defensive capabilities - nice chop, push, block and lob. Flick is not perfect. It might be me or blade characteristics (flex, not so hard). You cannot adapt to this blade instantly but it is within a few hours. Pretty soon you'll be able to tell that this is a great blade and if it is indeed for your style of play. Top notch, non expensive blade for technical players :-)
hagupi  on 12/18/2014

This is a really great blade for a very good price especially the pen. Lot of control and dude this blade can really loops, no effort at all, you swing the arm and you got it. If you wanna get serious with ping and not spend too much i do recommend buying this blade, from beginner to provincial players this blade is great.
MindTrip  on 1/20/2011

This is indeed a looping blade, as it brought me that "can't miss" feeling. I actually thought it played well close to the table also, as I pushed and served with no stray balls. I had trouble counter hitting with this blade. Certain rubbers attached to this blade can cause strong, unwanted vibrations in the handle. Again, I only experienced this with specific rubbers. Other than that, this blade is a solid well-mannered OFF- blade, capable of making the loops of your dreams a reality.

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