Galaxy Mercury Y-13

Galaxy Mercury Y-13 Blade
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User Ratings (14)

Speed 8.8
Control 9.2
Stiffness 5.7   
Hardness 6.3   
Medium hard
Consistency 9.6   
Always identical
Overall 9.5 10
Manufacturer Details
Speed 9.0 / 10
Control 8.0 / 10
Weight 85g
Plies 7
Materials 2 plies of Fiberglass
Thickness 5.8mm
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Reviews (5)

avocadofarmer  on 3/3/2018

Coming from the DHS PG7 all wood blade, the Yinhe Y13 felt very different from what I was used to. Y13 felt very solid with minimal vibrations compared to PG7. While the PG7 offered better "ball feel", it was slower than the Yinhe Y13. The fiberglass layers right underneath the outer limba ply helps stiffen the blade. The result is a fast OFF+ blade with exceptional speed while maintaining control, and for my game, the right amount of stiffness/hardness. Both the Yinhe Y13 and DHS PG7 were great for blocking close to the table. However, looping from far away is really where the Yinhe Y13 surpasses the PG7. The Y13 had the extra "oomph" to generate topspin while not sacrificing power during far table loops. Meanwhile, the PG7 was great for looping but lacked power from mid-far table play. Overall, the Y13 has a shorter dwell time and is faster than the PG7. It is a perfect blade for those who want to transition from an all wood blade to a composite blade.
Imago  on 3/21/2012

Mercury Y-13 is part of the 2020-2024 upgrade series, but unlike the other blades in the series, it has no prototype and no carbon layers. Instead, it is said to contain two fiberglass layers. Thickness is as expected 5.7-5.8 mm, weighs 90 g. Ballance is slightly head-heavy because of the relatively larger head - 159x151. Construction of the blade seems to be limba-GF-ayous-ayous-ayous-GF-limba. There are no vibrations but you have the necessary feedback, so the general feeling is excellent. Pairs well with Mars 2, H2 Neo, IQUL 2.0. Recommended thickness of the rubber 1.8-2.1. Makes them look harder, esp. the Hurricanes. This is a fast offensive blade in the middle Off range with catapult effect and large sweet spot desighned for 2-wings topspin attackers.
plc177  on 4/10/2015

i use it with giant dragon hard in f & b. very amazing combination.this blade acts differently with chinese and european rubbers.with european rubber,it no sense,hard and solid.many players will not like it ,but with chineese rubber it work different. fiber glass layers make it very proper for using this class of rubber.i have many blade (butterfly,donic,) but only this blade is my favorite blade with tacky chinese rubber.
Jorge5550  10 months ago

Es increíble la calidad por el precio de esta raqueta, realmente teine buena sensación y diseño muy bonito una de mis mejores elecciones.
Ksujeet  on 10/5/2017

Im using it and am very happy with my backhand looping...I have paired it with friendship 729 on backhand and 999t on forehand

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