Galaxy T-10+

Galaxy T-10+ Blade
Approx. $ 30 USD
Price $

User Ratings (10)

Speed 9.6
Control 8.8
Stiffness 6.7   
Hardness 6.7   
Medium hard
Consistency 9.4   
Always identical
Overall 9.3 10
Manufacturer Details
Speed 99 / 100
Control 70 / 100
Weight 70g
Plies 7
Materials Carbon, American Cypress, Balsa
Thickness 10mm
10mm of hard balsa wood wrapped in thick carbon layers and a thin American cypress (same type of wood as Hinoki) veneer. Super light, fast blade that draws attention.

You will see it in profile and say, "That is a big blade". The shocker... this blade comes in at only 70g!

Yinhe recommends this blade for fast looping players.

Reviews (7)

BMX2  on 8/26/2018

Dec 2017-Amazing blade,top class,handle is a bit thick,some like it some don't.It has great speed+control is also good.Looping is great.Handle is so great....I have the world record for sweaty palms...this one never slips from my hands...magical wood......absorbs all sweat.I use grip tape on all my blades...never on this one. Update-26-6-2018===>Superb blade,my main blade now...I have tried a whole lot.Now I use this with Rubbers:BH=Palio Hadau(hidden Gem)+red Hurricane -3(wow is what this rubber is).Loops are swinging like youtube highlight shots-when I hit sidespin loops.This is a very fasssst blade+ultra light-74 grams.Feel is very different from other vibration...kind of a dull feel in the hand....once you use Chinese like this feel.This blade is made for slow spinny tacky Chinese rubbers
Drixzon  on 1/23/2017

Very stiff and very fast blade. Core is too soft. The outer parts are hard and stiff. But this blade is incredibly light. I'm using 729 Higher. I find it hard spinning and looping the ball. Good for smashing but not in creating a high arc loop. Dwell time is short.
Jonlsl  on 9/21/2018

Extremely powerful and effortless blade mid to far distance. Excellent combination with hard chinese rubbers (H3 Neo, TG2 Neo, for FH... Yinhe big dipper for BH) . Very easy to loop underspin and to open up. Enough control for push and short game and short spinny serves. Very good for blocking but I find flat hits can go long. Thus u need to add some topspin to control the power of this blade. Close to the table FH blocks and contertopspin is easy and effortless with very good control. But this I ly applies if your skill level is already high and you have good technique. This is the only blade which I have found to have very little vibration. But what I feel which I have never felt before with other blades is that you can actually feel the ball sink in and bite into the rubber extremely well which you can hardly feel on hard chinese rubbers with other blades. This feeling is very clear on this blade I guess partly because it's very stiff and the vibrations are all muted just leaving a very clear feeling of the ball digging into the topsheet and sponge when you loop and counter topspin very spinny balls. A very different sense of feel and control which is only authentic to this blade. Previous blades that I have owned... Yinhe W6 Loop King, Yinhe 7W Pro, Yinhe T11+, butterfly A. Mazunov, and 729 Super carbon. My 3 favorite are the Yinhe T10+, 11+ and the all rounder 7W Pro.
TTfan2013  on 12/8/2017

A hitting blade, light and fast
wanghaoch  on 10/6/2017

ótima para jogar de Kateiro

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