Galaxy T-4s

Galaxy T-4s Blade
Approx. $ 58 USD
Price $

User Ratings (15)

Speed 9.7
Control 9.1
Stiffness 7.2   
Hardness 7.9   
Consistency 7.5   
Always identical
Overall 9.5 10
Manufacturer Details
Speed 10 / 9
Control 7.0 / 9
Weight 85±5
Plies 9

Reviews (7)

fadhelirza  9 months ago

Best deal blade, cheap but you got quality, this is an outstanding performer for an off++ rated blade. Update (11/19/18): After using it >6 months, the speed and control (updated) are outstanding, even the finishing too. I love the sound when you hitting the ball using this T4s.
Kevinerickac11  on 8/28/2018

Esta es una madera muy buena es ligera y tiene un gran contol pero tardaras en acostumbrate
guybrush123  on 7/26/2018

No 9.9 Speed. Allt of blades är faster. But alas a cool One...
Ankush_Singh  on 7/10/2018

Using this from 5 months very satisfied with the blade at this price using DHS hurricane 3 neo on both fh & bh
THEaLTrAx  on 12/13/2016

This blade has a low throw. Speed is more focused rather than control (because dwell time is short). But you can still have great control once you get the hang of it. At first, I was having difficulty in controlling the blade as to how much power I should use. But when you get the hang of it, you can control it more easily. It is good with counter-spinning and counter-hitting. This blade is a special blade. I really find it fast. I find it much faster than gergely classic and primorac off+

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