Galaxy T-8S

Galaxy T-8S Blade
Approx. $ 60 USD
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User Ratings (19)

Speed 9.5
Control 9.2
Stiffness 5.9   
Hardness 5.4   
Consistency 10.0   
Always identical
Overall 9.5 10
Manufacturer Details
Speed 9.0 / 10
Control 8.0 / 10
Weight 86g +/- 5g
Plies 7
Materials Wood, carbokev
Thickness 6.8mm +/- 0.2mm
There are 3 users using the Galaxy T-8S.
T8 new replacement/upgrade. Offensive, fast.

Reviews (8)

Rivalta  on 10/8/2017

Despite of having small number of reviews, this blade ia actually really good. Also cheap, about 25$ in my country. It has a great speed, good control, and nice spin. I have timo ball alc, itc strike carbon, stiga allround nct, adidas radix ultimate but i use my t8s most of the time. Just buy it, its cheap and good.
Maverick  on 2/7/2017

Its a really good blade because its really really cheap and it almost has exactly the same characteristics of the Timo Boll Alc. I've been using the Timo Boll Alc for a really long time and i switched this for an alternative and it didn't disappoint me a bit. I totally would rock this in tournaments!! its a must cop!
jasa  on 5/25/2016

My blade has 80g, in the lower weight range. The craftsmanship and finishing are perfect and the blade is nice. It is paired with H3-NEO black max at FH, and H3-50 Soft red max at BH. It is easy to switch sides, which I often do (not to foul the opponent, just to change the game). I never used a T-8, so I can't compare T-8 and T-8s. This blade is very fast and has a "springy" feel, reminding the T-11+ (I don't know if T-8s core is balsa, but it doesn't seem: not thick ). The overall feel is dependent on the rubber. It happens this setup has a characteristic I have never felt in my large collection of rackets: in the FH side with the H3-NEO, which is an hard rubber (bought from a Chinese supplier, but it seemed original when bought...) the blade and the rubber appear to be a single entity! This means that we don't notice the ball hitting the wood after compressing the rubber to the limit: it is like the bat being a single spring entity. Strange feel... More strange is that in the BH with H3-50 Soft this effect isn't not much noticeable. So, this blade is quite sensitive to rubber hardness, providing quite different game experience. Given this, provided with arylate carbon layers, this blade is fast and is more suited for an hitter than for a top-spinner. Control is average due to the springy wood, but the setup is still controllable. Flicks and hits are very good, chops and pushes are average-to-good. Top spin is a bit flat (not much arc), throw angle is average. It is recommended for an attacker-hitter. This is a setup I'm keeping mounted and in my bag just "to have fun" and play some sets when training. It is quite different from my other setups, so playing with it provides a quite unique experience and helps to train and mature the "adaptive behavior" all TT players need to have in order to cope and succeed with different opponents and styles of play. Perhaps the pairing of T-8s with softer European rubbers provides a different game experience...
Zerobase  on 5/20/2016

this blade has all it got. It match with many gear. Try it out. Im using TO5 for FH and galaxy Moon BH.... good combination. Next time i want to try different BH rubber. K bye...
spinmaster  7 months ago

I was try Yinhe T8s blade and I can say this is a one of the best and cheap amazing attacking all round blade. I was have in past several expensive Butterfly blades such as Timo Boll Spirit, Timo Boll ALC and M. Maze and I was play with same rubbers but I was sold them all and now Yinhe T8s is mi first and best choice. Many people compare this blade with Timo Boll ALC and Spirit but this blade is practically same as Viscaria, even and is a little faster then Viscaria and is great. I can compare this blade with high priced Butterfly blades and I can say this blade have great balance, spin, speed and control with nice feel. Also and quality of produce is great in every single details and I can to compare Yinhe T8s with all expensive Butterfly blades with price of $200 and more. I was attach on blade on both sides Butterfly Tenergy 05 2,1 mm and is going great, better in all aspect of games then above mentioned Butterfly blades. Now Yinhe T8s is my first choice and is so easy to play with it, for me is much better and for serving, spinning, brushing, flick, block and also is great and for shots from half and long distance from table. Also dimensions of blade is 158x150 mm with very nice and comfortable long handle FL. My blade weight without rubbers is ideal 87 grams and I don't need to buy any expensive Butterfly or other brand blades. Highly recommending to advanced and professional players who want to have and great control with all high performance, beginners don't try this blade before make a better experience and technique.

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