Galaxy T-11+

Galaxy T-11+ Blade
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User Ratings (63)

Speed 9.3
Control 9.0
Stiffness 7.3   
Hardness 7.2   
Medium hard
Consistency 9.0   
Always identical
Overall 9.2 10
Manufacturer Details
Speed 10 / 10
Control 10 / 10
Weight 70g
Plies 7
Materials Two wood outer plies, one carbon ply and a Balsa core
Thickness 7mm
There are 28 users using the Galaxy T-11+.
New version of the popular T-11. Light offensive blade with good control. Each side has two thin outer layers of wood and one layer of carbon. The center is balsa about 5mm thick.

Reviews (50)

HumbleBear  on 7/13/2016

Purchased the T-11+ based on the great review and lightness of the blade. I found that using the right rubber makes a whole lot of difference especially on this blade. During the 6 months period that I owned this blade, I've tried several rubbers: Mark V-not a good match; Friendship Focus 3 Snipe-too soft and no spin, low throw, no feel, the worst rubber for this blade(I had 42 deg & should have bought 46 deg); Friendship Aurora 42 deg-fast, decent performance but too soft for me, good for BH. I hit very hard and I like rubbers that are harder so they don't bottom out so much & I get a better idea of what I am doing and Galaxy Moon seems to be the rubber that I like best so far. I really appreciate the light weight of the T-11+. This blade is great for hitting, smash & block. Looping ability however is the greatest deficit on this blade. If you are a looper, look elsewhere. Due to the lightness, backhand shots are very fast, close to the table can be very quick also. At first I didn't like the strange sound it produces, as some other reviewer described it as a broken wood sound. But later I learned to like the sound as you hit hard enough the pitch will change and then you know you are engaging the powerful carbons underneath. The surface is very fragile as a small piece came off when removing the rubber. You need to seal the blade. Update 7/12/16. Although the T-11+ is a great blade for hitting & drive, but my game has been much evolved since and I am now a both wing looper and attacker; this blade no longer suit me since it's not a great blade for looping. My 3 other blades are great for looping: Xiom Strato, Primorac Carbon and DHS PG-7. The Xiom Strato being my #1 main blade which is a great topspin attacking blade. I took off the Barracuda rubber and put it on the Xiom Strato forehand, and now I am able to loop the ball at extreme angle which can produce very strong topspin where I was not able with the T-11+.
hkeyplay16  on 6/27/2016

Preface: I'm a beginning player. I tried this T-11+ because of the good reviews and the low price. At first I paired it with DHS Hurricane III Neo on FH and BH. While this was a step up from my previous pre-made setup, but I quickly learned that with the combination of thick rubber and short pips, the DHS Hurricane III Neo was not a good match for this stiff and light carbon blade. With that setup I could hit very well with lots of spin and speed, but at low speed, with either a lot or a little spin, I had very little control over where the ball was placed. This changed quite a bit After switching to the XIOM Vega Pro rubber, which improved control immensely for fast and slow shots no matter what the spin. I would warn against pair this with H3 Neo rubbers.
BeON4ik  on 3/1/2016

Very fast, stiff and hard blade but very coltrorable. I don't like this blade. I noticed that Yinhe t11+ works well soft rubbers only.
robs75  on 12/8/2012

This is a great blade. I played with Donic Coppa X2, Acuda S1, Tenergy 5, Butterfly Roundell, & Xiom Omega 3 Euro. No matter what rubber i used, it had amazing control. Playing with this blade offensive you can realize almost any shot at a fast or slow pace and aim with absolute precision. Playing defensively, chops and blocks are effortless. For the price you cannot find a better deal. I looked for multiple reasons to keep playing with my Xiom Stradivarius and Timo Boll Spirit but in the end have decided to purchase another and sell off my higher end blades.
himanbh  7 months ago

Cheap lightweight blade .Good balsa wood with slight flex due to carbon tier in it . Great for smashes and chops . Slightly disappointing on the looping effect but still good . I have used for 4 years and has always been consistent . Used it with Dawei inspirit 38 degrees (FH) and Dawei inspirit UL 40 degrees backhand.

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