Huaruite Clipper

Huaruite Clipper Blade
Approx. $ 12 USD
Price $

User Ratings (22)

Speed 8.3
Control 9.2
Stiffness 5.4   
Hardness 5.2   
Consistency 7.7   
Always identical
Overall 9.0 10
Manufacturer Details
Plies 9
There are 4 users using the Huaruite Clipper.
This is a clone model from HRT (Huaruite) ,
same material with Stiga Clipper Wood

made in China

~ 90% similar quality

7 ply pure wooden + 2 Crystal Sealed Layer

Reviews (18)

Adietcp  on 7/29/2015

this blade can do anything that you want. this blade is fast enough with a good control. loop with this blade from far or near the table is very precision with sharp arc. i think this blade is much more worthed for its price and i think this blade is better then Yinhe N9. Something that i dont like for this blade is about the handle. the handle making blister in my hand.
BeON4ik  on 2/2/2017

Great blade!!!Really great. Fantastic control. Good controrable speed.Soft wood. Your feeling of the ball with this blade are incredible because sweet spot is big. Works well with medium and medium-hard rubbers. I didn't use it with tensors but chinesse rubbers works well with this blade.
atrano  on 12/16/2016

I recently had a chance to repair on old Stiga Hans Alser clipper of late 70's 80's. That blade had really soft touch because of soft wood and a thickness of about 6.5 mm. I believed I will never meet such a blade again. Then I ordered an HRT clipper and asked the seller to send me the thinnest possible sample. I received a 6.6 mm thick one with a pair of Friendship focus III snipe. When I finished the rubber gluing and test it I could not believe that I had the same feeling like the old Alser clipper. Have in mind that we chose to put a Stiga Boost TS on that and proved to be a right decision. Focus III snipe rubber is also softish and light and the final sense was amazing. I went immediately to the club to test it. It is still in test but I can assure you that this blade is a marvel! It is like the old clipper and the control is something amazing for a seven ply blade. Price is a steel. Who needs something else I don't know. My other blades so far are: adidas v1.1 & 1.5. Stiga all-round evolution, Donic Waldner ultra senso carbon. No-one has better control than this. To be continued ....
jonfrancis  on 11/7/2016

I recommended it a friend, after i saw reviews here. I glued my old xiom omega 4 euro and nittaku h. P. was a pleasure to play.i was not using omega 4,since it was too soft and bouncy. But on this blade, the rubber was great. The feel so lovely. Plays very effective with lots of control.i even did not want to hand over.i am thinking of buying 90-92gr for myself. Only downside, thickness of the handle.only available legend style (thicker one) FL handle.
kccchiu  on 11/11/2015

My normal set up is Viscaria with FH T05 and BH Rasant Grip. I heard this blade is similar to Stiga clipper, so I bought it just to try it then sell it to someone later. I put Yinhe Mercury for FH and BH (really cheap rubbers $11 for 2). I honestly didn't expect much from this blade, but then the control of this control is amazing. Many of my shots are going on the table consistently, flicks, loops, backhand drive, and especially blocking. This set up is a little bit slow for me, but I am sure it will be better if I use better rubbers. After playing it for a day, I decide to keep this blade as my training blade.

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