JOOLA Chen Weixing

JOOLA Chen Weixing Blade
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User Ratings (18)

Speed 7.8
Control 8.7
Stiffness 5.6   
Hardness 5.4   
Consistency 8.6   
Always identical
Overall 8.8 10
Manufacturer Details
Speed 75 / 100
Control 99 / 100
Weight 85g
Materials Limba, Koto, Black-Cloth, Kiri
There are 5 users using the JOOLA Chen Weixing.
High quality defensive blades have always been a strength of JOOLA. Now in conjunction with Chen Weixing, world ranked 14, a new blade is launched which is designed for the modern defensive player. It is fast enough to play powerful topspin shots but still with control for chop play. This is achieved by a special twin black/cloth layer between the koto and kiri plies.

The artist, Chen Weixing is totally enthused with this new JOOLA blade. "I can safely play strong forehand loop shots from half distance with great feeling and high speed but at the same time play secure backhand chops at the necessary length to force my opponent into mistakes."

Reviews (11)

maddrag  on 7/25/2013

I play with this blade since a year. I start playing modern defense 2 years ago with a kinetic carbon andro, a tenergy 05 and tried about 20 diffrents LP. I end up with the TSP P&H. Then I tried this defensive blade. Way much slower but with more control and chop. Then my pips got damaged and retried my TSP PR1. WOW !!! I was not able to play with PR1 with the other blade before I didn't have the control. I find the perfect blend !! The discovered the heavy chop that TSP PR1 can do and the good contral of my loop. Then I change to Hurricane H/ for my forehand and it gave me now a good attack and defense on the forehand with a lot of control. WOW ! Great blade. Very allarround blade !!!
183265  6 months ago

It's my first defensive blade since I tried LP rubbers. I play with it for less than a year. It's very consistent and harmonic when flipping the racket on your hand.
Xuxinch  on 10/19/2017

Best blade for kato
moderndefplay  on 2/2/2017

I play a modern defender play style and Chen Weixing is my favorite blade that I have tried so far. It has amazing feel with long pips and with counter looping. There is a good amount of power but definitely not "OFF", feels more like "OFF-" or "AR+". I highly recommend this blade if you are a modern defense player looking for a blade with both great control and great power.
dralocius  on 7/22/2013

This blade was made for Chen, he has a offensive style furthermore he defends, this blade allows you to attack more consistent and fast. I tried with medium rubbers and 0.5 mm long pips, and you can twiddle very easy, also you can attack like a all round player and defend like with good control and accuracy. Definitely not for a passive game.

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