JOOLA Kool Blade
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User Ratings (29)

Speed 9.6
Control 7.7
Stiffness 8.8   
Very stiff
Hardness 7.1   
Medium hard
Consistency 8.8   
Always identical
Overall 9.3 10
Manufacturer Details
Speed 99 / 100
Control 78 / 100
Weight 80g
Plies 7
Materials Hard pine, Limba, Texalium, Balsa core
Thickness 10mm
There are 2 users using the JOOLA Kool.
We call this blade the ROCKET!

We have designed a blade that has a speed value of 100! It offers unimaginable opportunities to the uncompromising offensive player and more than compensates for the speed loss following the introduction of the 40 mm ball.

Hard pine tree, Limba for stabilization, Texalium for the big Sweet Spot, very thick Balsa core - that is how the blade is constructed, just uncompromising offense.
We added the sensor-optimized K4 T-Nut grip in the proven RAG* technology for increased grip stability.

Reviews (15)

amelvani  on 1/10/2018

The blade is composite made up of limba, texalium, pine and thick balsa core. The balsa provides the light feel. Even though the blade is very light the blade is very controllable and is very good for driving and looping. My current set up is DHS H3 provincial (Forehand) and Dr Neubauer Killer Short pips (Backhand). The point I would like to make is that due to the very thick balsa core the blade is very good when attacking and hitting out and is very controllable in soft strokes like controlled blocking and slow looping. This is due to the non-linear properties of Balsa. Balsa acts like a spring - good for soft touch and blocking and very good for attack when using it actively. I feel its faster than most of the offensive blades on the market that use ZLC, ALC or carbon because Balsa provides excellent control. I Btfly Balsa Carbo X5 which is not as fast and has less control in my opinion. There is enough dwell time for looping and counter hitting and flat hitting is far better than an all wood blade. Im using max DHS H3 with #20 orange DHS hard sponge and the weight of the blade is still very light. It suits my short pimples back hand because I use this for blocking, punching and counter hitting. Overall this is a great blade Joola has produced. I would recommend it to more advanced players due to its speed and power and pips players.
Nortontt1  on 12/29/2014

Takes a while to get to grips with but well worth the wait.i play with pimples both sides .and it plays really well
ewing307  2 months ago

So far, it's the lightest blade I played.Fast and violent, and need spending time to control the blade. Last week, I broke a new ball in 3 minutes with this blade.
charles  7 months ago

Boa tarde quero comprar uma. Alguem pode me ajudar onde consigo?
szilvasi44  on 10/12/2012

It's been 10 years, playing with her, but I could not find anything better! Blocking is also very good with it! Fh.: Reactor Thunder Bh.: Joola Tango Extream

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