JOOLA Rosskopf Emotion

JOOLA Rosskopf Emotion Blade
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User Ratings (37)

Speed 8.7
Control 9.1
Stiffness 5.5   
Hardness 5.7   
Consistency 9.8   
Always identical
Overall 9.3 10
Manufacturer Details
Weight 85gr
Plies 7
Materials Hinoki - Koto - Carbon - Kiri
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THE ORIGINAL ROSSI BLADE. Developed and used by Germany’s Mr. Tischtennis, Jörg Roßkopf. Only high-quality materials are used, selected Hinoki veneers and carbon fibres with nano technology – which provide an extra large sweet spot and the highest precision. Whether for a topspin player or an aggressive blocker, the ROSSKOPF EMOTION is a blade which meets the highest demands.

Speed: fast,
Control: high

Reviews (23)

AndySmith  on 1/8/2014

Great blade. High quality for a low price. The thin hinoki outer plies give a soft touch on thin contact shots. This results in a great, controlled touch over the table, and a good feeling of dwell on looping. However, this blade avoids some of the pitfalls of thick hinoki blades by using harder koto as a 2nd ply. This toughens the response up on harder shots, and gives good performance for blocks/hits/drives too. A wonderful balance between looping and driving, and an excellent feeling of stability. Weight can vary a fair bit (I've seen 78g to 93g so far), so best to ask for a specific weight if possible.
uclranchi  on 2/8/2013

Great control in the blade with a good amount of speed and spin.very good for all round players....
Jimmy  on 5/23/2012

Very Good Allround blade... It is fast, has very good control... I am more of a defensive player and it helps on accurate, nice and easy push around anywhere on table and corners, blocks and looping till mid distance from table... Ofcourse rubber choices would also effect performance... I use Express One FH and Express Two BH, both Max...
Davey1  on 8/27/2011

This blade sealed weighs 88.6grams. It feels very good and is finished well. It is fast but not too fast-I would say like the Stradivarus- it is as fast as any one would need. Control will vary with the sheets you put on it but I found it very connistent and a perfect trade off between speed and control. It is worth the money as it is an excellent blade-for an offensive style of play where topspin is a must-this is your best choice. I have played with many including another Joola blade the Viva which has better control maybe but though rated the same in speed is not as fast as this. Its a top class professional blade.Also it has a large ,"sweet spot", and is good for push and drop shots as well as fast loops and blocks.
ujjvalverma  7 months ago

Overall score 9.8 because never liked a blade like this one. I am club player. Quality is top notch. Feeling is about solid. 7 ply as Hinoki (thin layer)_Koto_Carbon_Kiri... nice combination. It took some time for me to adjust to the blade. Presonal Choice - FL Handle is very slim, very smooth (may be slippery although never slipped of my hands), not long or not oval (like viscaria), (not short like Xiom vega pro). Mine is 85 grms but feels lighter and has extra-ordinary balance. I felt no head heavyness. It has a nice sweet spot. Speed of the blade is Off- fast but gice required kick on harder strokes due to carbon for overall offensive play. PG9>Viscaria>JRE>Vega Pro>WUCS a short comparison). It allows tonnes of spin in slow shots. I played with Aurus on FH (2.1) and Maxxx P (max) on BH. Rubbers suits to the blade in my view. I think the blade has most outstanding control so far. Blade has flex on extraordinary looping (slow looping + power loops very good) and great on blocking too. But gives higher throw. Hope this helps :) Enjoy TT

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