JOOLA Wing Fast

JOOLA Wing Fast Blade
Approx. $ 90 USD
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Speed 8.7
Control 7.3
Stiffness 7.4   
Hardness 7.5   
Consistency 7.5   
Always identical
Overall 8.9 10
Manufacturer Details
Weight 80-85gr
Plies 5
Materials Hinoki - Ayous - Kiri
The WSI Technology in the handle and the Hinoki surface provide a totally new playing feeling – good speed without loss of precision. The weight of approx 80g provides optimal balance of the wood. As the name suggests, WING FAST is an uncompromising offensive blade, which will become an outstanding alternative for many players particularly after the speed glue ban.

Speed: fast,
Control:high/extra high

Reviews (3)

iZing  on 5/7/2013

Found this to be a very light but also very stable paddle. It is even faster than the Ma Lin Extra Offensive blade. Much faster than the Maze, or Maze Passion, and way less expensive than the new ALC or ZLF blades. On par with the Butterfly VSG-1000, but in my view much more comfortable. Joola does an excellent job and they even pre-sand the wood at the top so it doesn't bite into your hand and reduce the amount of wood that pushed down on the fingers. (You have to try them side by side with rubber on them to truly appreciate it.) I have Nitakku FastArc G1 on the forehand and it can handle looping, blocking, pushing just fine, but especially good for strong loops. FastArc G1 has proven to be awesome in all aspects and all types of strokes from flat to ultra spinny. The backhand is so fast I have a 2.0mm Xiom Omega III which delivers a great punch, but I've switched to Tenergy on the backhand to get more loop.
destodave  on 3/7/2012

Played with this blade first time couple nights ago with Acuda S3 on BH and Diamant 1.8 on FH. Blade was a little faster than my Donic Burn Off- blade, but I still felt like I had pretty good control. My S3 was 2.0 and I had plenty of power, max rubber would probably feel a little fast. The blade felt very solid with very little vibration, but the power was impressive. Hitting with my MP on the FH felt really great with this blade. This is a very good quality blade that has a lot of power and pretty good control. If you're looking for this type of blade then you will like this blade very much. Start out with 2.0 rubbers though as max might be a little hard to control.
G. Schlager  on 2/1/2010

I have used this blade for 2 years now and liked it a lot at first and became addicted to the speed and ability to crush the ball. The weight, feel, balance and handle is all good. I have coupled it with Tenergy 05 and then with Tenergy 64 for the past 6 months. In the end, however, I find the combination too hot to handle in a lot of playing conditions against players over 2050. Playing with opponents under this level, the blade can be controlled with consistency. Looping, blocking, pushing etc is all good but against players with significant pace in their own game the control can fail often -- it becomes very difficult to keep the ball on the table against pace and strong loops. I have contemplated a change in rubber to cure the formula, but in the end I plan to go back to my Michael Maze blade which should slow things down a bit and still have the gears when needed.

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