Killerspin Kido 7P

Killerspin Kido 7P Blade
Approx. $ 110 USD
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User Ratings (8)

Speed 8.6
Control 8.8
Stiffness 5.3   
Hardness 6.5   
Medium hard
Consistency 8.6   
Always identical
Overall 8.8 10
Manufacturer Details
Speed 9.0 / 10
Control 8.4 / 10
Weight 87g
Plies 7
There are 2 users using the Killerspin Kido 7P.
The all-new Kido blade series was designed for the table tennis player who prefers an all-wood blade that has kick, precision placement, and incredible feeling. The 7P has the best balance of speed and control in the Kido wood series, and is designed for all-around players with an aggressive style.

Reviews (5)

qvoliszz  on 9/5/2016

Ok guys, I read and I review many pieces equipment here, but I must say, that some numbers are very false! An ALL+/OFF- blade can not have 9 for speed. OFF- is around 8.5 at maximum, but this blade is slower. This is a tad faster then the Waldner Senso Carbon. The feeling is not good, hence this is a 7 ply blade. Played it with Acuda S1 and Baracuda Big Slam. TBH I do not recommend rubbers, that are 45 degrees harder to this blade because it resonates unpleasantly. Older players may still like this vibration, but for a 7 ply blade this is more than accepted. This is also not a stiff blade I would say it is spin elastic, when topspinning you can feel the blade bending, also when smashing you can feel the dip and then the lack of power. Sweet spot is not as good as Stiga Infinity VPS Diamond Touch. So overall, this is an average 7 ply wood blade, with a big price tag, so it definetly not worth buying. Use Stiga Clipper instead if you want pure wood or go to composite blade.
GiorgosGRK  on 10/9/2012

This is a blade that i will use for a long time. it is the best non-composite blade i have ever used. People underestimate it because it doesn't cost 150 dollars. great price for great blade
OldSouthPaw  on 11/20/2011

I play with Tenergy 05 FH and Long Pips on BH. FH worked well, but its too fast to use for much chopping.
toprank  on 4/8/2011

Great Blade. After a long search of about 8 different blades I've settled on the Killerspin 7P. Great feel in the hand with the straight handle. It's not a super fast blade, but fast enough for me. I think the control of this blade is the best I've found in a 7 ply. A little clickly but I'm moving the ball around better than I've ever had. And my loops were fast and accurate. Last night I beat several guys that have had my number and all phases of my game improved. I definitely think it's worth a try if you want a control oriented 7 ply.
Demonox  on 5/4/2010

Its a great blade for a full on att-/control game. Loops are great and blocking is so effortless. I use mine with the new Fortissimo 2.0 topspin killer on the forehand , backspin chop and block on the backhand.

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