Nittaku Redshank

Nittaku Redshank Blade
Approx. $ 50 USD
Price $

User Ratings (9)

Speed 8.3
Control 9.1
Stiffness 4.8   
Hardness 6.3   
Medium hard
Consistency 10.0   
Always identical
Overall 9.2 10
Manufacturer Details
Speed 8.9 / 10
Control 6.7 / 10
Weight 80g
Plies 5
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Reviews (4)

lu1648  on 6/6/2009

cheap because it's less known. it's nothing magical like i've heard with other really really expensive blades. but it does give great feel and control. the thin carbon makes it feel a little hard yet looping is extremely easy because it's soft enough compared to other carbon blades. it's faster than my yasaka MLC. redshank doesn't have the hollow feeling as the MLC, which is why i prefer redshank. o, did i mention it's super light? it's probably less than 80g. it's so light that i actually put 2 layers of edge tapes to make it feel heavier. value is great for it's cheap price and great feel. looping is very easy. looping away from the table with a very low-throw rubber is still doable, unlike my MLC. i block very well close to the table probably b/c of the low-throw rubber. touch shots are pretty good too, though i really try to learn to loop everything. i like the fact that this blade is not branded with / endorsed by a player. otherwise it could be a lot more expensive.
paolillo  on 9/14/2011

I have been using waldner senso carbon for two years. Now I tried nittaku redshank and... as if by magic everything became easy! I can impart a lot of spin, I can touch&spin slowly, I can smash effectively. Block is easy and effective, and playing from mid or even long distance became a piece of cake. And I discovered I have a wonderful backhand. I am going to buy a second redshank as spare blade!
chris  on 9/15/2011

control , speed , spin , block magic .allround attackers blade
Anonymous  on 3/7/2010

Light blade, quite fast, good touch, perfect control for blocks, powerful for smash and loopkills, fexible for slow spinny loops. It's a blade for allround attackers.

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