Nittaku Tenor

Nittaku Tenor Blade
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Speed 9.1
Control 9.1
Stiffness 6.8   
Hardness 6.8   
Medium hard
Consistency 9.2   
Always identical
Overall 9.6 10
Manufacturer Details
Speed 11 / 12
Control 8.0 / 12
Weight 94g
Thickness 6.0mm
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The Tenor blade is the speediest of the musically manufactured blades by NITTAKU. Offensive players will love the special feel and performance when executing all the nuances of loop, counter-attack, and all touch shots. Tenor is made with the highest quality wood utilizing the same technology and care as that used with the manufacturing of stringed instruments.

Reviews (6)

Silva  on 5/13/2012

Ok i must admit i bought this blade because it was the most expensive all wood blade that i found in a shop... i am not disappointed with the price that i paid for it though. I was using a Joola Wing Passion Extreme before this. This blade is definitely an OFF blade. It is quite heavy at 92g and you will notice it especially the head. Good dwell time, short game. it's obviously not as fast as a carbon blade but if you put effort in it, you can really get some power out of the blade. i am not a fan of Carbon Blades after using several from Butterfly chiefly Innerforce ZLC, Timo Boll Spirit. they do not give me the feel that a wood blade gives me.
fujiro  on 12/25/2011

the best blade i ever had, i love the control n speed of this blade ! very well using all kind rubber
ultimateX  on 6/28/2017

From the past to fumble. How to choose the parts of my hard not easy. The size of fat cheeks are not the same, but I like the big tight. The weight of this model is 92 plus minus 1 g, I'm OK. I have to bounce on the plate to get better.
robertantal  on 3/14/2012

I got my Nittaku Tenor used from a player who probably had it for a while, right away I noticed that the blade is heavier than what I'm custom to play with and the head is slightly larger so I just got my router and I reduced the size of the head to 150x157, the size of the most blades I played with before. As a resoult my blade is beter balanced, before was head heavy, and lighter as wlell (88 grams). Has a lot of power and greater control than my Darker Speed 90 what is a 1 ply hinoki. I used two setups: T64FX(FH) with T05FX(BH) and the second setup was T05FX(FH) with T05(BH). Both worked as a charm. So far is my best blade and I will stick with it! I'm not sure why Nittaku chosed the larger head for this blade but for me it was an easy fix customizeing the size of the head.
Steven  on 8/13/2011

Its suitable for all-round offensive players. I own a 91gm Tenor and the handle feels awesome in my hand. I wouldn't recommend it for people who do not like heavy blades because tons of my friends said it is too heavy for them. It have the tendency of feeling head heavy when the total weight of the blade is below 190gm (including the rubbers) thus I wouldn't recommend getting really light rubbers to compensate it. The dwell time of the blade is good. Enough for me to be able to feel and impart good spin on the ball upon contact. I'd say the dwell is longer than michael maze and timo boll spirit. Maybe around the donic persson power carbon. Short game is good, I am able to control and guide the ball easily with Tenor. In terms of speed however, I feel that it has most of the gears covered. It can be really slow when you need it to, and it hits like a rocket when you really give it a good swing. I'd say that it has faster gears than Clipper, YEO and HK655 but its slightly slower than the likes of high speed carbon blades.

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