Nittaku Violin

Nittaku Violin Blade
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Speed 8.3
Control 9.0
Stiffness 2.9   
Some flex
Hardness 5.1   
Consistency 9.5   
Always identical
Overall 9.4 10
Manufacturer Details
Speed 88 / 100
Control 65 / 100
Weight 85g
Plies 5
Thickness 5.4mm
There are 15 users using the Nittaku Violin.
A finely tuned instrument for the offensive player! Nittaku has applied to the production of the table tennis blade a special binding method originally used for crafting the finest stringed instruments. This special process succeeds in preserving the wood’s natural elasticity. Every ply and stage of production receives special handling and scrutiny, the same quality craftsmanship used for the best quality stringed instruments in the world. Ultra fast with the ultimate feeling of mastery. You will appreciate the unique hitting feeling and never forget it.

Reviews (21)

lbuga68  on 2/24/2018

Excellent OFF-/OFF blade. Works great with hard sponge.
MindTrip  on 10/7/2017

This has to be the best 5 ply all wood blade out there for the player who looks to loop first. Paired with Tenergy 05, this setup spins the ball at your mercy. Blocking loops gives the feeling that you are in control. Step back to counter loop and watch the ball throw high over the net and dip near the baseline. Drive the ball down the sideline to end the point. My swings are big and my game relies on heavy spin and placement, I feel like I can place the ball anywhere with this blade and get my opponent's attacks back onto the table. This blade is still a viable option in the new 40+ ball Era.
ControlledSpin  on 10/5/2017

The Nittaku Violin is an extremely high quality 5 Ply blade that I would rate in the All+/Off- category. An amazing blade for developing players, it has great feel and control. It's Ply composition is fairly unique with the blade feeling harder yet very flexible compared to your standard Limba 5 Ply wood. It's great for looping and close to the table play. Not quite as fast or good at blocking as the Acoustic but the control and feel is the best. As a new player to the sport of table tennis I used this and the Yasaka Sweden Extra as my main blades along with Mark V rubbers. A very high quality All Around wood blade by Nittaku. Recommended.
INZLC  on 9/19/2013

Thanks Lord i'm a proud owner of this wonder. Be aware some people may not like it, but for the others ... I mean you have to test it before buying it. Mine is 73 gr. and you can see it's irregular - not very fast, but the control is beyond comparison with the other blades if your game is controlled offensive. Somebody up there loves me :). I will never sell it for any price.
Slimbo  on 3/21/2013

This blade is simply stunning! It almost feels like part of your hand when you use it! I've tried several rubbers to see which ones go best with it and have settled on Xiom Vega Elite max on the forehand and Friendship Geospin Tacky max on the reverse. However the Geospin works great as a f/h as well. I play an alround attacking game and this bat loops, blocks and counter hits with ease. I've had to prise it away from other players at my club as they wanted to keep it! Worked great with Friendship 802 short pips on b/h as well. Great for blocking and driving. Looping with the short pips was hard work for me though not impossible. But this is supposed to make things easier right? So I'm back to the Geospin. Found Tenergy 80 didn't suit me or the blade (one or the other anyway!) But other people who tried it while it was on the Violin liked it so guess it was me! Don't be fooled into thinking this is a slow blade just because its all wood. You put max Tensor style rubbers on this and it comes alive; too lively for me with the Tenergy 80! But any blade can be tamed with the correct rubber for the playing style. I can only compare it to the other blades I've tried recently and in the past. Butterfly Viscaria owned by another player at the club: very heavy but nice to use. Not as fast as I expected. 1976 Butterfly Surbek Hinoki. I thought this was a fast blade when I was 17 but it feels a bit slow these days. The Sriver still works fine and plenty sticky too! Two Stiga A/R woods. One from 1975 the other a modern version. Slow in comparison to the violin but play ok. Ok so the Violin is expensive, but if I lost it I'd buy another immediately!

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