(No Brand) Lostrous 800


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Approx. $ 70 USD
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Speed 8.7
Control 9.3
Stiffness 5.0   
Hardness 5.2   
Consistency 10.0   
Always identical
Overall 9.9 10
Manufacturer Details
Speed 90 / 10
Control 93 / 10
Weight 93
Plies 7
Materials aramid carbon
Thickness 6.5
This is one of top-of-the- blade produck lustrous 800 japan blades. The blade is designed in JAPAN since 1997 only 10 unit
This is a VERY FAST (OFF+) attackstyle blade, but with a soft feel, providing a perfect combination of speed and control.
This is a High-Tech 7-ply blade (2 aramid-carbon, 5 wood). It implements the new technology innerforce , which improves speed, balance, control and provides better touch. The high grade carbon layers provide a huge sweetspot. The aramid dampens the excess vibrations caused by impact, and provides a much softer feel to the blade. This blade offer huge power at all distances, and is outstanding for looping, power drives, smashes and blocking, but has soft enough feel for some touch shots.

Reviews (1)

hinoui  5 months ago

The best control speed balance This is a bar that is rarely found in every direction unless you are lucky and get it Good control is balanced between speeds This blade is widely imitated but this is the best limba + carbon aramid which gives a soft touch under high pressure I like this bar like HL5 DHs but it is amazing FH use H3 neo provicial BH t80

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